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First appearance Slow Burn
Debut October 19, 2009
In-story stats
Known ability Extraskeletal manipulation
Formal name Travis Crocker
Nickname Shard
Age 28
Residence Abandoned army bunker in Mojave Dessert

Travis "Shard" Crocker is the founder and leader of The Guardians. He is an evolved human who can manipulate the bones in his body.


Travis manifested his ability at age 16 during a fight with a bully at school, killing the bully. Frightened, he ran home, only to be surprised by his mother, knocking her down with a bone shield that burst from his arm. He fled after this, never finding out if his mother survived. He eventually came to terms with his power, saving a women from a pyrokinetic with the help of Glade, and together they founded The Guardians.

Character History

Heroes Evolutions

Slow Burn

In chapter 4 of Slow Burn, Shard is the leader of a group of three men that Gail Bowman and Edgar are sent to recruit into the Sullivan Bros. Carnival. The meeting is about to erupt into a fight when Gail recognizes John, who is a member of the group. They move into the group’s bunker, and Shard explains that this is one of his one of their outposts where they keep supplies. Gail offers them the chance to join the carnival, where they can be safe, but Shard declines, saying they are not concerned with their own safety, but the safety of others.

Evolved Human Abilities

Travis has the ability to emit bone spikes and shields from his body. He demonstrated this in chapter 4 of Slow Burn by blocking a fire ball from Gail Bowman with a bone shield, and then forming a large bat with the bones in his arm and swinging it at Gail.


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