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Fire breathing

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Fire breathing
Fire Breathing in Strange Attractors.JPG
Chris and Gail let out breaths of fire.
Held by: Jennie Bowman,
Gail Bowman,
Chris Bowman
Ability to: Breathe out fire
Examples of fire breathing

Fire breathing is the ability to breathe out fire.





Jennie Bowman

Jennie is inexperienced when using this ability. She has been shown letting out a puff of smoke when hiccuping, as well as letting out a small tongue of fire with effort. When using her ability, Jennie usually holds her breath and her cheeks sometimes begin to glow. She describes a burning sensation within her throat when she is about to let out a breath of fire. Her control over her ability has gotten considerably better. Jennie has also shown that she is able to breathe blue flames out of her nose, and that she can "cry" flames from her tear ducts. (Smoke & Mirrors)

Gail Bowman

Gail is capable of shooting large flame pillars from her mouth. Gail is also adept at using her ability in other ways. After kissing Chris, Gail let out a puff of smoke with a small smile. Also, when she was in danger, Gail managed to shoot a fire ball from her mouth. Gail is also capable of shooting continuous streams of fire from her mouth.

Chris Bowman

Chris seems to be the most adept at using this ability; he has demonstrated it by attacking Rachel Mills with a fireball as well as by utilizing it to perform a fire breathing act for the carnival (Slow Burn, Part 10). Chris has also shown that he can hold a fireball in his hands, though it remains unclear exactly how this was accomplished (The Art of Deception). While kissing Gail, both she and Chris let out a puff of smoke. Whether this was a result of Chris's fire breathing or Gail's fire breathing is unknown. Chris told Amanda Strazzulla that his ability first manifested when he was fifteen, at a point of heightened tension. He expected to let out a breath of air but, instead, fire came out.

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Please refer to Theory:Fire breathing for fan-created theories and other speculation.

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