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Powers Cavity-free teeth, great alignment
Sex Male
Age 16
Date of birth June 12, 1992
Home Japan
Occupation Student
Favorite Heroes actor Greg Grunberg
Favorite character Matt Parkman
US I am from the United States

I'm a Navy Brat who lived in Japan prior to where I live now.

To Do List

Keep working on Pinehearst pages
Make pages for minor characters


Difference in Micah's Operating Systems

Micah's abilities

I have a theory, but I am unsure where to put it because it involves so many people. Anyway, here goes:

With the new revelations regarding synthetic abilities, a theory came to my mind regarding Micah. This theory was strengthened by the mention in Angels and Monsters about how Angela believed Nathan could handle the formula due to his lineage. Linderman stated in Season 1 that he orchestrated D.L. and Niki's relationship. I think this may have been to create proper lineage for Micah. Now, we also now that in the exposed future, abilities are readily available, and specific abilities can be chosen. This all leads to my main theory:

Linderman orchestrated D.L. and Niki's relationship in order to ensure a proper lineage for Micah to be given the ability of technopathy with no adverse side affects.