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Technopathy in Dark Matters.jpg
Held by: Micah Sanders
Ability to: Manipulate electronics
Examples of technopathy

Technopathy is the ability to control and manipulate electronics with the mind.



Micah's power of technopathy seems to work with or without contact with electronics. He has been able to access the technology of broken items as well as working items. He describes his power as talking to machines. He can identify even the slightest signals in technology and uses electronics around him for tracking purposes.

Micah manipulated traffic signals without touching them (Powerless), but he was also using Niki's cell phone to track Monica's at the time. He also controlled a computer without actually touching it (One of Us, One of Them). However, his hand was only a few inches away from it. He seems to have developed enough control over his ability to control systems at short range, but he needs a communication device to affect more distant systems.

Micah demonstrated that he can order various systems to do things through his cell phone (Cold Snap). This is similar to what he did with the traffic signal, but these are more complex systems. He was able to trigger an alarm for poisonous gas at Union Station, and he ordered the fire-suppression system to set off the sprinklers, using his phone to relay the commands.

Micah has used this ability to hack into various systems from an unknown distance and perform various functions. His ability also allows him to bypass even the strongest government firewalls with ease, as seen when he hacks into Operations twice within 3 days (Cold Snap). He however has to get "into" the system beforehand.

Micah was able to reach out to and program a crane to hit Eric Thompson, Jr. shortly after waking up from being tranquilized. The crane wasn't in Micah's immediate vicinity, but it was within his line of sight. Within seconds, he also contacted the rest of Rebel and added Thompson to every "ten most wanted" lists across the country. (Rebellion, Part 5)

In the years following the revelation of evolved humans, Micah has become quite adept at using his ability. He has been able to hack into many systems, create firewall protection around himself, and broadcast videos globally. When contacting Quentin Frady, Micah is able to remotely open a video call between their computers, but states that while he can hack Renautas' systems, doing so would render him vulnerable to discovery. When meeting Quentin in person, Micah tells him that he was able to use his powers to keep Renautas from taking down his website. (Dark Matters)

While hooked up to a machine in a pod, Erica and anyone approaching Micah was able to order him to use his power for their purposes. In this pod, Micah could display information on the walls of the pod. Once he was unhooked, Micah regained control of himself and stated that in this state he was used to spread misinformation for Erica Kravid. (11:53 to Odessa, Send in the Clones)

After being rescued from Sunstone Manor, Micah was able to connect Matt's computer to every electronic device capable of receiving a broadcast and sent out a message globally. However, he still requires direct contact with an electronic device to use his powers as the first thing he asked for was access to a computer. (Send in the Clones)

After spotting Malina's news broadcast, Micah was able to use his powers to clean up the damaged transmission, put it on a loop and make it broadcast to every available electronic device in hopes of Tommy Clark seeing it. (Company Woman)

Selected Examples

Memorable Quotes

"What you do here today with your incredible ability is going to save many lives."

"What do you want me to do?"

"What comes naturally -- talking to machines."

- Linderman, Micah (Landslide)

"How did you do that?"

"I told the lights I needed them to be off for a while."

"You told 'em?"


- Monica, Micah (Truth & Consequences)

"Can you tell the sprinklers what to do?"

"I can tell the fire alarm to do what I want it to do."

- Tracy, Micah (Cold Snap)


  • Micah solders a circuit-board. He appears to have an innate understanding of the physical wiring and mechanics of electronics. (Genesis)
  • Micah receives a $2,000 laptop from his grandfather. Within minutes, Micah dissembles the laptop, appearing to know exactly how the machine works. (Six Months Ago)
  • In an interview, Bryan Fuller said that Micah's powers allow him to communicate with electronics "like R2D2".
  • Peter has been in close proximity to Micah (How to Stop an Exploding Man), but has not displayed this ability.
  • Heroes Interactive says that Micah's "power gives him control over almost anything electronic or electrical."

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Fan Theories

Please refer to Theory:Technopathy for fan-created theories and other speculation.

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