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User:Adamhiro/Episode:new heroes

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New heroes
Season: [[Season One|One]]
Episode number: 101
First aired: august 23, 2009
Unaired episode.jpg
Written by: user:adamhiro
Directed by: user:adamhiro
Next episode: Episode:Virus


|Marius Bazadragis finds the ability to pyrokinesis.
|Sara endru meet with your real sister |Nikki storm.

Story Development

|Marius Bazadragis · Pyrokinesis · |Sara Endre · |Nikki Storm · Persuasion · |David Garson · |Nina · |Teresa Storm


Child aka |Marius Bazadragis sits in his house and he put out his hand and starts the fire. At the time, one girl goes through the street of its name |Sara Endre, and its access to the unknown girl name |Nikki Storm. That his sister in her.Sara supports nikki stupid, and drainage.In another place a man on behalf of |David Garson sits in his house and sweet items. Then comes the |unknown girl to do something about it for hypnotizes.Sara returned home and shake hands with his brother and her brother show is |Marius bazadargis.Nikki returned home, and its |mother asks whether,, |Sara Endre, and believe it will find their daughter.

Memorable Quotes

"you now my sister you |unknows gilr"

- |Sara to |Nikki Storm

Character Appearances