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My story going on few weeks hiatus. I need finish my characters history and created others page.--Adamhiro 21:17, 5 December 2010 (LT)

Adam Hiro
Powers Telekinesis
Enhanced synesthesia
Fire breathing
Electric manipulation
Alias Tom Jacob
Sex Male
Age 14
Date of birth 1996/06/27
Favorite episode Homecoming
Favorite graphic novel Crane
Favorite webisode Webisode:Slow Burn, Part 1
Favorite character Claire Bennet
Least favorite character Emma Coolidge
Eric Doyle
Favorite power Telekinesis
Enhanced synesthesia

My Favorite Five Episodes Of Season One

My Favorite Five Episodes Of Season Two

My Favorite Ten Episodes Of Season Three

My Favorite Five Episodes Of Season Four

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My Favorite Novels

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My work on my fan fiction

  • I need creted episodes history for Marc Velson , Eric(alt) , Jill Malvin , Carole , Derek , Arthur Download , Diane Brooks , Emily , Sarah Malvin, Tom Peterson , Max Anderson , Robert Malvin (alt) , Julia , Emma Olsen , Ana Harrington , Rachel Harrington , Jill Malvin , Ruby Sprat , Oscar ,
  • Page what I need created Ms. Anderson , Ed ,Jane ,Amanda ,

Sylar12 is my father