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Dylan Talbot
Portrayed by Zachary Knighton
First appearance KVAT Part 1
In-story stats
Known ability Space-time manipulation
Occupation Member of KVAT

Dylan Talbot member of KVAT and evolved human with the ability to travel in space and time.

Character History

Webisode:Kvat Part 1

Dylan was Chris's office Chris and Arthur.Then Chris gave them the mission.go to Canada and visit old friends.When Dylan asked what they friend.Chris said,Robert and Sarah Malvin.When Dylan left with Chris Arthur's office.Dylan touched Arthur hand and they disappeared.When they appeared in Canada.Arthur asked what was Dylan said that he could travel in time.

Dylar and Arthur appears hotel room where Sarah and Robert were.And then they showed the weapons.Sarah scared and began to breathe fire.Shot to her and Robert.But Robert grabbed Sarah and disappeared.Dylan asked where they were.Arthur said, I do not know.And then there came a woman's voice.He and Arthur saw Diane Brooks.

Webisode:Kvat Part 2

Dylan along with Diane and Arthur was in a cafe.Then Dylan ask Diane how she can help.Diane said that she has a friend who might find people with abilities.When Arthur and Diane began to speak.And when Arthur said that he and Diane go to Diane friends Dylan asked him what to do.Arthur replied that he must go back to Chris.And then Dylan is gone.

Evolved Human Abilities

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