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Chris Douglas
Portrayed by Scott Wolf
First appearance Map
In-story stats
Known ability Super Speed
Occupation Member of KVAT

Chris Douglas

Character History


Chris ran very fast to in buildings where was Tracy Download.When they faced.He said they have a problem.When asked what it is.Chris said that Marc is kidnapped.

Later, he and Jill and Arthur spoke to Rachel and Melissa.And they became members.

When he spoke with someone by phone.He said, Well you have to kill Oscar.

Playing with fire

Chris with Arthur went to the room where Oscar was tied to a chair.Chris said that Arthur using his ability on the Oscar.When Arthur began to use on Oscar.Oscar said stop and Chris said that his Arthur microwaves can be used later.Then Chris started talking to Oscar and what is now said to be responsible for project V2.

Chris came into the room where Oscar was.But he saw Melissa.He asked what she does here.Melissa said that she saw the open door and it came out.

Webisode:KVAT Part 1

Chris was in his office, together with Arhur and Dylan, and said that they will go to Canada visit old friend.Chris replied to Robert and Sarah Malvin.


Chris was in his office, together with Julia and Max. Then he said that Max receives his first task.When Max asked what it is Chris is answer that he must find Alexandra Smith.When Max and Julia go.Chris looks at clock and says time to visit a friend.

Chris was in his office.But suddenly appeared Rachel and Jill.Then Chris asked what they are doing here.And Rachel said, that it can viewed on the past.Chris said okay.And they began to go into the room where Oscar was.Chris looked at Oscar and said that Rachel has to see where he hidden by a building project.

The Long Answer

Chris was along with Rachel and Jill when Rachel was Oscar past when Rachel stop what Oscar past she ask him to show Room 45 and he agree to show what it's the room 45.

Two months ago:Chris along with Jill came in the central part meet with Oscar . When Oscar ask about his job and ask what the job it it. Chris answer that this are special job. Day later Chris was with Marc in Marc office . When Julia came here and say that Oscar came . Marc say that he go meet with Oscar and Chris agree.

Room 45

Chris was along with Rachel . When she ask to show what it is Room 45 . Chris say that he show Room 45 but need wait . When Rachel ask what need wait and he say that she have other mission.

Later Chris was with Jill and then he said that they must soon find the Ruby Sprat. Jill said that she and Caitlin find Ruby Sprat.Chris said well then he said that he must go into the room 45 and Jill nodded.

Chris appeared room 45.He then looked at one computer who was there. computer screen showed a woman's in dark. Chris looked at the screen and said that she is here. But then suddenly women disappeared . Chris became the face become angry.And then Chris took a file that was on the ground. There was written a second plan for project V2 . After hours Chris was still in room 45 he look in many files who was there and in strange divace and say that this room become gate in other dimension.

Did You Know

Chris was in Room 45 he look in some files and that was write:Ted Noax,Theresa Thompson,Max Anderson,Marc Velson and Bea Austen and that Chris how many people is it . But that his phone ring . Chris answer and that Marc voice came . Chris ask did Arthur help him escape and Marc say yes and also say that he have new members for KVAT . Chris ask who is it and Marc answer Theresa and that Chris smiled.

Chris was in his office but that Tracy came and say that Anna and Caitlin lying who they are and Chris ask who they are and Tracy answer that they name are Rachel Harrington and Melissa Kate Page . That Chris look in the Tracy and that he start run fast of his office.

My name is ... ,Part 1

Chris was in unknown house he look in photo on the wall . In Photo was seen Rachel and Melissa . Chris take photo of the wall and say that he find about Rachel but tha the saw photo of the Ana and unknown men and say that he find who are Rachel and Melissa and say that now he are angry for that what Ana and her daughters did and he remember what Ana did to him.

1 years ago Chris was in his office with Ana and Ana say that her husban Jack are off the city and Chris ask how her daughters are Ana say that her daughter Rachel are now work in police and her another daughter Melissa work for Paulo Smith and that Ana look in Chris and ask to show building plans but Chris start go angry and say that building plans are not for her . That Ana stand and say that she have building plans and walk away from Chris office . Chris look angry and take phone and call to sombody and say that need hide building plans.

Now Chris walk in Rachel and Melissa house and that walk upstairs and open first door who was upstair and there was Rachel photo with Melissa and Ted . Chris look in photo and say that he find more that he want but that he saw black box . Chris take box and open her and there was letter . He look in later in start read it . There was write ,, Dear Rachel you have gift and you need use that gift to stop people from alternate world , you dad Justin Harrington .

Chris was still in Rachel house but that sombody open door . Chris start run past but that he stop and there was men and Chris look in men and ask who he are and men answer that his name are Jack Page and he are father of Melissa Page.


  • Chris was credit in also starring list went he return in episode My name is ... ,Part 1 previous he was seen in guest start list.

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