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Rosalie Black
Rosalie Black.jpg
In-story stats
Known ability Molecular Manipulation
Formal name Rosalie Maria Black
Nicknames Rosebud, Rosie
Age 19
Date of birth 14/2/1990
Place of birth Skopje, Macedonia
Home London, England
Residence Mr. Black's Mansion
Occupation College Student
Significant other Barry Morre (deceased)
Parent Mr. Black
Debra Black (deceased)
Grandparent Maternal:
Isabella King (deceased)
Sibling Lousie Black (younger sister)

Rosalie Black is a 19 year old girl living in London. She comes from a rich family and has inherited her molecular manipulating powers from her parents. For all her life Rosalie has gotten whatever she wanted but now, as her father's company loses stock and is forced to close, Rosalie finds herself and her family nearly broke and reduced to what she refers to as "peasent level living".


Rosalie was born in Skopje, Macedonia while her parents were vacationing there. At the age of 5 Rosalie was placed in the top school in London and was thereon expected to always receive top marks by her parents. Eventually falling in love at the age of 16, Rosalie ran away with her boyfriend, Barry Morre and decided to elope. However, before they reached the church, Rosalie's ability manifested and destroyed Barry's molecules, causing him to implode. Rosalie went to her parents and confronted them with her powers, forcing them to in turn reveal their own abilities. Rosalie ran away from home and went to live with her grandmother, Isabella, and lived with her for 2 years. On the eve of her 18th birthday, Rosalie discovered her grandmother, dead.

After a lot of argueing and violence, Rosalie moved back in with her parents and was "dragged" back into the life of a socialite. Rosalie once again received everything she wished for and began to look down on those of a lesser class, referring to them as "poor" or "peasents". Several months after Rosalie returned to her parents, her mother, Debra, passed away after a short battle with cancer. Since then, Rosalie saw her father downspiral into a rut, throwing all his money away at stupid investiments, gambling and buying things to fill the hole her mother left.

Rosalie has recently discovered that her father has been forced to sell his company for a pitiful amount and will soon be forced to sell the mansion they reside in. With this in mind, Rosalie has been desperatly attempting to find a way out of her inevitible future as a "peasent".

Assignment Tracker Profile

Born in Skopje while her parents were vacationing, Rosalie inherited her molecular powers from both her parents who share an aspect of the power themselves. Her life spent full of expectations, Rosalie took her chance to escape with her short-lived fiance Barry Moore. Reports indicate that before eloping, Rosalie's combusting abilities manifested, resulting in the death of Moore. Eventually returning home and learning of her origin, Rosalie moved in with her grandmother until she also passed away. Rosalie suffered another family death a few months later with the passing of her mother (see C049) and then learned of her impending bankrupcy. Rosalie has since been attempting to once again escape her life.

This file also includes a psychiatric profile:

Her entire life Rosalie has been given what she wanted, however, she has also lived her life with numerous large expectations from her family and authority figures. With this, Rosalie has inherited a tendency to act on any rebbelious thought that comes to her mind and as such may pose a flight risk if an idea of revealing her special abilites comes to mind. Furthur observation/surveillance should be continued on her as well as her father (see C050).

Evolved Human Abilities

Rosalie stops a vase from breaking.jpg

Rosalie has the ability of Molecular Manipulation. This ability allows her to successfully accelerate or decrease the speed of molecules, inducing complete immobilization or combustion. Rosalie has shown that she is able to affect both organic and non-organic materials with her power. So far only demonstrating her combusting abilities twice, one occasion on her fiance and the other to destroy a table in her living room. However, Rosalie enjoys using her immobilizing powers. She once used them on her entire college class, allowing her to get out of her seat, go over the teacher's answer key and successfuly copy them down on her essay before finally returning everyone's molecules to normal speed.

Rosalie inherited her Molecular Immobilization from her mother.

Rosalie inherited her Molecular Combustion from her father.