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Note: This character page is an entry for the Cockney Heroes competition, and should not be considered canon.
Tara Hoffmann.jpg
In-story stats
Age 19
Date of birth October 5, 1989
Place of birth Utah
Occupation student
Significant other Clark Richardson
Parents Thomas Hoffmann, Laurie Davis
Sibling Tevin Hoffmann (deceased)

Tara Hoffmann is a medical student currently studying at the university of Ithaca. She is the daughter of Thomas Hoffmann and estranged from her mother. She is an evolved human with the ability of anatomical manipulation.

Character History

Tara lived in St. George, Utah with her single father, Thomas Hoffmann. She learned at a young age that she had a fraternal twin brother, Tevin, but died due to complications, because of this heartbrake her mother left the family leaving her father to raise Tara by himself. Although he knew the whereabouts of his wife, he had no intentions on pursing her.

As Tara got older, Thomas had no problem informing Tara that her mother left them and wanted nothing more to do with them. After graduating high school, Tara went after her medical degree and attended the University of Ithaca in New York, although against the wishes of her father.

At Ithaca Tara quickly found a friend in her dorm mate, Gwen, and a boyfriend in her classmate, Clark. Tara enjoyed college; the freedom, the friends, the city, and the nightlife. Her exceling in her academics even offered her the oppotunity to study abroad in England. Tara first exhibited her ability when she was attacked while walking home from a party. After pushing the man away, he completely stopped moving, allowing Tara to flee. When police arrived on the scene they were baffled as to why the man had not moved a muscle. He was very much alive, yet It seemed as if all of his voluntary muscle movements become paralyzed.

Days later Tara was visited by a woman who introduced herself as Detective Davis, who mentioned she had a very particular intrest in Tara's case. After inquiring about her background and personal life, the detective asked if she was special, Tara informed that she was just a med student. The detective went on to show Tara the biopsy report of her attacker, metioning that his nervous system had partally shut down and he later died due to other seperate heart complications. She left Tara mentioning that in the toughest of times, the human body is capable of doing the most marvlous of feats, infering that maybe Tara had caused it. Tara began wondering about what happen to the attacker, and although she did not reveal it she had taken what the detective had said to heart. So in the lab of the university, Tara began to conduct experiments with agitated lab rats. After one bit her, she jumped back and the rat immediatley paused, much like the attacker. As she continued the experiment some mice exhibited different symptoms; some stopped moving completley, some writhed in pain, some seemed to weeze for air, while others ran around the cage in blind fit. The experiment stopped when Tara was startled by Detective Davis. The dectective asked Tara what she was doing and after Tara couldn't explain herself, detective Davis assured her that her secret is safe with her, after all she knows how this ability can be scary at first. The detective told her that she knew they shared the same ability once she read the report and heard the condition of the attacker. She pointer out that they can stop almost any system in the body, and after time she learn how to target certain systems. As Detective Davis leaves the room, Tara speciously asks if these abilities are hereditary. Not looking at her, detective Davis tells her to go home and ask her parents. Tara tells her there's nothing special about her father, and she doesn't know much about her mother as she left when Tara was just a few months old. Remorsfully, the detective tells her that some people go through horrible tragidies, and when they hurt the ones they love, the only thing they can think to do is run, then detective Davis left. After the door closes, Tara gives a simple smile and mouths the word "Mom".

Evolved Human Abilities

Tara has the ability to partally stop any of the systematical functions of the body. She has stopped the nervous system of a man, causing him to stay immobilized for hours. She has stopped the respirtory system of a lab rat causing it to weeze for air until dying. An autopsy revealed that all of the visible sensory functions (sight, sound, ect.) of another experiment lab rat had ceased to work after she used her ability on it.

Memorable quotes

"Tara...I'm going to be up front with you, is there anything....special, I should know about you?"

"I'm just a med student"

" that it?"

"Yeah, nothing special about me. I mean, I like waffles, I'm an only child, but there's nothing special about me detective. Hell, I couldn't even make the cheerleading squad in high school."

-Detective Davis, Tara

"I was suppose to protect you...and I couldn't"

"Clark, you're last name isn't're no Superman, you don't need to protect me. Trust me, I can manage my own!"

- Clark, Tara

"Oh, a cheerleader, how cliche!"

- Tara (to Gwen)


  • Due to Tara's outstanding placement in her class she currently has the option to study abroad in England.