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Anatomical manipulation
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An attacker's nevous system is immobilized after a touch from Tara
Held by: Tara Hoffmann, Laurie Davis
Ability to: Control functions of bodyily systems

Anatomical Manipulation is the ability to control the various systematical functions of the body.


  • Detective Laurie Davis has this ability
  • Tara Hoffmann has this ability


The range of this ability ranges from user to user. More inept users require contact and seem unable to target a specific bodiliy system or determine how long the effect will last. Experienced users have been to shown to have shut down certain systems from a short distance without contact, and able to choose a specific system and choose the length of time it's effected and have shown a large range of affectiveness from minimum damage to irreversable damage or even death.

Tara Hoffmann

Tara has shown little experience in using her power. She has inadvertantly stopped the nervous system of an attacker. She has not, however, shown any isolation in targeting specific systems. She has stopped the respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, nervous, and sensory systems of several lab mice in an experiment.

Laurie Davis

Laurie has been shown to render an entire room of thugs immobile and keep them that way for several hours without signs of any strain. She has also ceased all the sensory functions (sight, sound, touch, taste, hearing) in an inmate while interrogating him. When her daughter stopped the nervous system of a man, Laurie reversed the effect to question him. After he told her to go to hell she placed her hand on his chest, stopping his cardiovascular system, which lead to his death. She commonly uses her ability to stun the nervous system of any suspects she is pursuing and covers by blaming the successful capture on her taser. She also stunned a telepath who was mentally probing her, leading to his arrest. When a child victim had a severe asthma attack she revived his respiratory system by slowing his breathing.

Memorable Quotes

"This...this, thing, we can do. It's a curse, nothing good can come from it."

"In inexperienced hands, anything can be considered a curse."

- Tara, Laurie

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