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Anthony Gooch
Powers i wish...
but some of my friends say that i'm good at
Alias i heart Jessica
Age 18
Date of birth October 5 1991
Home St. Louis, Mo. USA
Occupation Student, Grocery store employee
Favorite episode in Volume 1: How To Stop An Exploding Man
in Volume 2: Cautionary Tales
in Volume 3: Eris Quod Sum
in Volume 4: Cold Snap
Favorite character Niki,Jessica,Tracy...and of course everyone else
Favorite power pretty much any of 'em

Hey peeps...wanna talk about Heroes, chat me up on here! or Facebook

About Me

Hey there, thanks for visiting my page. I'm Anthony (obviously) and call myself a devoted fan. I have to say the Ali Larter characters are my favorite and I think their storylines don't get enough credit. I'm kind of happy the writers did something new with Peter's power b/c that whole "Pete the boy wonder" was giving him a omnipotient/Superman complex. Anyways, there aren't any characters that I don't like, everyone's pretty cool, and regardless of anything that happens, I'm a Heroes fan for life!


Favorite Quotes

Quick pages for reference/to fix

Heroes and their Theme Songs

ive always wished i had the tools to make videos, because i think that these would make great video combos of songs expressing the Heroes, but until i actually start making vids. i guess these will just have to play on my mental playlist lol:

Video centered around... their song would be...
Nathan and his relationship with Meredith and Tracy Hot & Cold by Katy Perry
(you're so hot and so cold)
Niki Crazy by Gnarles Barkley
(Maybe I'm Crazy, maybe you're crazy, maybe we're crazy, probably)
Peter Inspector Gadget, the old tv theme song
(Inspector Gadget, [because Peter has so many powers])
Claire, Future Claire Keeps getting Better by Christina Aguilera
(some days I'm a super bitch, up to my old tricks, but it won't last forever, next day I'm your super girl, out to save the world and it keeps getting better.)
Jessica Bossy by Kelis
(I'm the Bitch ya'll love to hate... and I'm the one tattooed on his arm.)
Everyone and The Eclipse What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong
Noah, Claire, his 'trips', and 'death' Where'd you go by Fort Minor
The hot women of Heroes Let me blow your mind by Eve ft. Gwen Stefani
Jessica Like whoa by Mya
(My love is like whoa!, My body's like whoa!)