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User:Aresues/Fat Manipulation

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Fat Manipulation
Ability to: Mentally manipulate fat cells in living organisms

Fat Manipulation is the ability to mentally control the fat of living objects. A person with this ability can remove or add fat cells or deposits in living things. For a more in-depth description, read below.

Adding fat: The user can cause a sudden influx of fat cells in a target to make them extremly large and slow. This also causes the skin of the target to stretch out, causing unsightly stretch-marks, but can also cause internal ruptures of vital organs, heart attacks, clotted arteries and veins and/or brain damage through built-up pressure on the spinal cord.

Removing fat. The user can also remove fat from living creatures, making them thin and attractive. However, fat is needed to live, so the user can also strip a target of all fat in their body, leaving them emaciated and in a fatal state of malnutrition.

The user can also control how much fat is in food. The upshot being, the user could modify the fat content of any food to make it less severe, thereby improving the nutritional value of said food.


The user must come into physical contact to activate this power. The level of fat addition or subtraction does not impact on how long contact is kept