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Held by: Aresues
Ability to: See the outcomes of choices before they happen

Hind-sight is the ability to understand and see the outcomes of any decision before undertaking the action. It is a form of precognition, in that the user can view the future. However, unlike precognition and precognitive dreaming, the user can focus the visions on a particular event. And example would be the user deciding where to go for a holiday, out of a choice of several places. The user could use the power to find out which choice would be better, on account of weather, what activities are there, etc...


No-one has yet been confimed to have this power, but it is rumoured to be held by someone in Australia


This ability can only be used to view the outcomes of choices. To use the power, the user must have at least two choices to choose from. This ability manifests itself in visions, similar to precognitive dreaming, but without the falling asleep side-effect. If this ability was to be supercharged, the user would be able to see the outcomes of every choice around him