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Power Dampening
Ability to: Weaken the abilities of other evolved humans

Power Dampening is the ability to project an aura of energy that weakens the powers of other people. Similar to the power blocking side of Mental manipulation, this ability doesn't outright block powers, rather, it severly weakens there effects. An example would be if the user came in contact with Sylar. If Sylar tried to saw off the top of the user's head, the user could dampen Sylar's telekinesis so his slicing would only lightly graze the skin, as opposed to slicing through skin and bone.

Limits The user can automatically project a dampening field around them, similar to The Haitian, or focus the power on one (or a group) person. This ability affects all powers, even subconcious ones like Rapid cell regeneration and Intuitive aptitude. If this ability were to be supercharged, the user could dampen all powers in a 2km radius.