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A DHS agent produces electricity.
Originally held by: Agent (electromagnetism),
Will Crowe,
Caroline Crowe
Absorbed by: Peter Petrelli (future)
Ability to: Manipulate and/or generate electromagnetic energy

Electromagnetism is the ability to create and direct electrical arcs as well as levitate using electromagnetic repulsion. It is basically a combined ability of Electric manipulation and Magnetism.



Users of this power can generate electrical arcs between themselves and other people or objects within a range of at least a few meters. The amount of current that such arcs can carry is not known. Users of the power are not harmed by electrical currents that they create themselves; it is not clear whether this power gives resistance to electrical current from other sources. Users with this ability can manipulate metal objects using electromagnetic currents and can also send out electromagnetic shock waves.

Future DHS Agent

The agent who possesses this power can levitate himself at least a few inches above the ground. How high he can levitate and how fast he can propel himself are not known. He can throw electric arcs that incapacitate people they strike.

Future Peter Petrelli

Future Peter mimicked the agent's ability and used it to throw electrical arcs. He did not employ the levitation aspect of the agent's power.

Will Crowe

Will uses this ability to generate and unleash electric arcs and shock waves. He is also known to use the magnetism aspect of this ability. He can manipulate magnetic fields and move metal objects. Even non-magnetic metal can be moved using electricity to charge the object and magnetism to move it.

Caroline Crowe

Caroline has thrown electric arcs and demonstrated the magnetism aspects of this ability.


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