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William Crowe
Will Lightning 2-2.jpg
In-story stats
Known abilities Flight,
Super strength,
Intuitive aptitude,
Accelerated probability,
Nickname "Will the Hill"
Siblings Caroline Crowe,
Tyler Crowe

Character History

Unknown, only that he attended Powhatan and discovered his abilities at an early age.

Evolved Human

Will Crowe has many superhuman abilities. He can fly at supersonic speeds and has incredible strength. He can also understand how complex systems work, as well as mentally communicate and enter the minds of others. He can perceive the history of an object through physical contact. Will can move metal objects with his mind and shoot and control electrical arcs. If he gets a hold of you, he can squeeze the life out of you. "Will the Hill" is beast, an unstoppable force that you wouldn't want to mess with.

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