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Fecalkinesis Censored.jpg
Fecal matter is fecalkinetically moved in the air.
Ability to: Manipulate fecal matter with the mind.

Fecalkinesis is the ability to manipulate fecal matter with the mind.


Fecalkinesis allows the user to control the texture, hydration, smell, color, temperature, and even taste of fecal matter. Control of this ability is not limited to human fecal matter. The control of fecal matter is not limited to outside the organism. This ability extends to the microscopic pieces of fecal matter released through flatulence.

Power similarities

Fecalkinesis includes a range of control that may exhibit effects similar to other abilites:

  • Flight: manipulate fecal matter within one's self to cause self-propelled flight.
  • Limited Telekinesis: surround objects with fecal matter to move them or manipulate fecal matter within an organism to move them.
  • Limited Melting: liquefy fecal matter.
  • Limited Constriction: use fecal matter to mimic the attributes of a constricting snake.
  • Limited Freezing: manipulate fecal matter in an organic being and disperse it throughout, then reduce the temperature to freezing/ manipulate fecal matter and cover the object, then reduce the temperature to freezing.

Power in action


  • Use to give someone explosive diarrhea or dehydrate fecal matter to cause constipation.
  • Impale enemy with rock-hard pieces of fecal matter.
  • Surround enemy in a mess of stinky organic waste.
  • Move fecal matter out of someone by surprise.
  • Move someone around through the air by manipulating their fecal matter.

Attack (Powerful)

  • Expand fecal matter within someone and cause them to explode.
  • Reverse digestion: Cause processed wastes to move back through the digestive track, causing the victim to excrete out of his/her oral cavity.


  • Manipulate fecal matter to cause self-propelled flight.
  • Manipulate the scent of flatulence to smell like spring daises.
  • Pick up after your pet without using a bag.
  • Relieve constipation or explosive diarrhea.

Memorable Quotes

"I'll shit on you"

-Eminem (with D12)


  • If someone with this ability tried to use their ability to manipulate the fecal matter within another fecalkinetic person, there would be no effect.

Special Notes

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