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User:Boycool42/Machine gun mimicry

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Machine gun mimicry
Mr. Franklin begins turning his hand into an Uzi SMG.
Held by: Mr. Franklin (endowed)
Ability to: Transmute one's limbs into automatic firearms

Machine gun mimicry (also referred to incorrectly as "Machinegunkinesis") is the ability to transmute one's imbs into automatic firearms.


Mr. Franklin has shown the ability to turn his right and left arms into AK-47s, M2 Brownings, Miniguns, Uzis, and a USAS12 shotgun. Franklin begins the transformation by turning his limbs into metal, then shape shifting them into firearms. On one occasion, he was able to turn his right arm into two Uzis with his left arm as an M2 Browning. When tied up by a gang of neo-Nazi, terrorist mercenaries, Franklin transmutes his feet into Glock 18s and defeats the group. He has yet to show profiency at mimicking anything other than automatic weapons.

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