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  • John receives a new partner after an incident.
  • A new member is recruited to Pinehearst.
  • Angela reveals a secret.
  • Reyes searches for answers.

Story Development

Jack Foreman · Seismic Burst


Primatech Research – 12:00 pm

John pulled out his gun, and fired at Jimmy's back. But Jimmy was so quick he turned around and lit the bullet on fire, melting it. Then Jimmy turned toward Lance and focused. He blew up a grill which exploded about a foot away from him. Lance flew back a few feet ignited in flames.

John had to make a quick decision to either go after Jimmy, or help Lance. So he ran over to lance and carried him back to the car. He sped off to Primatech.

Lance is lying in a hospital room In Primatech Research. John looks at him through the window in the hallway. Bennet comes up from behind him to stand next to him.

"How is he?" John asked. "Luckily you put the fire out on him just in time before he was majorly burned. But because of the impact of the blast, he has a big concussion, part of his spine was broken off, and since the grill exploded near the front of him, it got his neck, meaning he will have a hard time speaking."

"Bennet, I didn’t mean for this to happen. You believe me, right?" Bennet responds, "Yes I do. And so does Angela Petrelli. You’re a part of the Company now. They have your trust." John wondered, "So what now? My partner is hospitalized." Bennet replied, "Don’t worry, you’ll be getting a new one. Ahh. Here he is now. Hello Reyes, this is John, your new partner. And I believe you two will have something in common."

Pinehearst – 12:02 pm

Tommy is sitting in the lobby of Pinehearst snapping his fingers on fire, and snapping them again to put them out. He looks at the front door, only to see Nina walking in with a man he has never seen before. He gets up from the bench, and asks her, "Hey, who’s he?"

"Hey Tommy, this is Jack Foreman. Show him what you can do Jack. He raises his arm and blasts a white energy burst at the floor. "Wow. That's pretty cool. Your probably going to be a good addition." Tommy complemented.

"Alright, Foreman, follow me. The boss wants to meet you." ordered Nina.

Primatech Research - 12:30 pm

The two new partners are sitting in an office waiting for their boss."So we both have the same power. How much you wanna bet I'm more successful than you are." joked Reyes. "I wouldn't count on it." replied John. "Think about it, I can hear thoughts, push thoughts and see the future. And that's just one power. I can also see past history through touch." said a challenged Reyes. "Yeah, how do you have all of those abilities?" asked John. "I don't know, just born with them I guess. Maybe I was born to be a company agent."

Suddenly the door opens and Angela Petrelli walks in. "Hello boys. I have a special assignment for you. I need you to find two people for me. They're doctors, Suresh and Zimmerman. They have information the company needs, and someone is trying to get to them for that information." Reyes asked curiously, "What information is it? It sounds kind of serious." Angela shunned them by responding, "That's none of your concern. You just have to do what you are told to." Then Reyes started looking at her concentrating. He was then hearing Angela's voice in his head:

The formula...find them, we get the formula...we have to get the formula before he does... before Arth...

Then Reyes lost his concentration, for Angela had kicked him out of her head. "Before you try reading my mind again, I would suggest thinking about the consequences. So I wouldn't do it again." Reyes now really curious interroogates, "Who are these doctors? What is the formula?" He then tells her in a commanding way:

What is the formula? You are going to tell us what it is.

She then explains, but trying to resist, "The formula can give abilities. It worked years ago, but the pieces were separated. Someone is trying to find it to use it again. My son was injected and came out fine. Once it was separated we tried the project again, but could not get it right. Our test subject went through so many experiments. You. It was you Reyes. You at the age of ten. That is why you have these abilities. Accelerated Probability is your only natural one. When we gave you the first injection it was mutating you into a monster." She stopped trying to resist and started to talk on her own, without Reyes's persuasion.

"We kept injecting you until we got it right. It took weeks and over those weeks you got worse. But one day, we gave you a fresh injection and by the next day you were back to normal. You only had your one power again. But we injected you two more times with that same batch. With those injections you got your telepathy and clairsentience. After that we decided to let you go, but we replaced your memories so you wouldn't remember a thing. Dr. Suresh has made the same mistake and now he is mutating just like you did. I'm so sorry for putting you through all of that. But now the same thing is going to happen to a lot more innocent people... and we have to stop it."

To be continued...


Memorable Quotes

"I'm so sorry for putting you through all of that. But now the same thing is going to happen to a lot more innocent people... and we have to stop it."

- Angela Petrelli (to John Dolan and Reyes)


  • Arthur Petrelli has a slight mention in the episode. When Reyes is reading Angela's mind she says "before Arth...". How ever the thought is cut off when Angela forces him out of her head.

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