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Burning Bright, Part 2
Issue #: 002
Released: October 10, 2009
Story by: Catalyst
Art by: Staz Johnson
Colors by: Edgar at Studio F
Lettering by: Comicraft
Produced by: Catalyst
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Next: Burning Bright, Part 3
Tommy makes a discovery.
Tommy, now at home base, is less concerned about his dear friend, but more on their next hit. However what happens when their is no money to steal, and when you're in a tight spot?


Away from the bank now, Tommy, Davie and Ford are still driving, but with Davie screaming in pain. Ford is trying to calm him down, saying it will be ok. "I',M GONNA DIE! I'M GONNA DIE!" yelled Davie. "SSHH. You're not gonna die. Tommy, how long until we reach the warehouse?" said Ford. "Soon. A few minutes. Just relax and shut him up."

Once at the warehouse, Tommy and Ford, help walk Davie to a section of the floor. The other two walk a bit away from Davie to talk. "He's not going to make it, is he?" asked Ford. "No. I give him about a day." Wait here, a friend of mine set up another hit for us. I'll be back. Tommy had to run out of the bank. Cops showed up before he even got there. He ran to a power plant. But because of a bullet from a gun that a police officer shot, it hit a gas tank and exploded.

Tommy passed out due to the massive take in of radiation. When he came to, the police were still there trying to clean up the mess. But when they saw Tommy, the pulled out their guns. His hands suddenly started glowing and took fire. He put his arms over his head, creating a big ball of fire. He thought of passed movies he has seen, and did what seemed right. He forced his arms forward shooting the fire. He smiled, and ran for the warehouse.





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