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Story Development

Daniel Richards · Pneumatic syringe · Reyes · Ross · Telekinesis · Telepathy


Manhattan, New York - 1:28 am

As Bennet and Dolan are walking down the city streets, Bennet is telling John that they are going to a Company building. John says that he is going to get answers from Bishop. Bennet replies by saying, "Why are looking for him?"

John answers, "I over heard these two agents, posing as police officers saying Bishop needed information on me a while ago, but its too late now. He don’t know what that means, but he wants information about himself too. All I know is my name and that I have a superhuman ability."

Bennet apologized for his memory loss, and then tells him that Bishop has been dead for a while. John looks amazed and asks how he died. The expression on Bennet’s face was as if he had no idea what to say. But he replied with,"Umm, he... had a bit of...a headache". John had no idea what he meant, but left it at that.

Bennet continued by saying "There is a new person in charge now. A woman named Angela Petrelli. And that’s why we’re going to Hartsdale to Primatech Research. You're going to apply for a job." John is in disbelief and replies, "I just went through hell trying to fight them, trying to get my memories back and releasing their prisoners and now you want me to get a job to re-do what I just did." Bennet responds with "Yes, it would have been worked on anyway and that the Company needs to get your trust."

John comments, "I raided a Primatech building, and their going to give me a job." Bennet says, "Don't worry, I'm going to give you a good review." John looks a bit angry now and scolds, that he thought he left the Company. Bennet reveals, "Technically, I'm still with it, but, I'm mainly working on taking it down." John stares at him and says sarcastically,"You need therapy", and continues to walk to the Company building. Bennet stands there for a moment and laughs under his breath, then continues to walk with him.

Somewhere in Nevada - 11:30 am

Tommy is still unconscious due to Nina's Ability. While he is lying on a cot in an old warehouse Nina is walking over to him with a glass of water. A voice from the shadows call commands "Wake him up." So Nina looked at Tommy, who is in a coma like state, and concentrated. As her eyes turned to an orange color, Tommy starts coughing, waking up from this state. He asks what happened and if he was just dead.

Nina replies, "No, you were was pretty close." Tommy asks what she wants. As Nina is about to answer, the same voice interrupts and says,

"She doesn’t want anything, but I do." As the man with the voice walks up to him, he begins "My name is Ross, and I am recruiting people like him to a group. This group will eventually take control over the world."

Tommy processes all this in. He makes sure he got everything right, and repeats, "So, your power is to slightly kill people, and your part of a super team formed by you, Ross right?. And what can you do?."

Ross says "I'm not in charge of this, and do not possess any abilities myself, but I do have high authority and power over you. The world is soon going to change, forever. If you are involved in this, that is up to you. So what will it be?"

San Jose, California – 1:00 pm

As a Company agent, Reyes, is chasing down his assignment, his vision is enhancing, so he uses his speed and strength. He chases him down an alley, and suddenly garbage cans go flying at him. Though the agent takes a short cut, and cuts off and tackles the assignment to the ground. He fights him, but Reyes looks at him, concentrates, and says

"You're not going to're going to stay still." And so the assignment stops struggling and asks, "How did you know where I was going to be?"

The agent replies, "Daniel, I know where you'll be the minute his you do. I even know where you'll be before you do."

The agent takes out this gun with these two needles at the tip. The agent shoots him in the neck with it and starts to pass out from being injected with a tranquilizer in the agent's other hand. As the agent is getting up from the ground, he sees everything around him floating in the air, but they all drop, once the target finally passes out. The agent then walks away leaving his target lying in the middle of the alley.


Memorable Quotes

"You need therapy."

- John Dolan (to Bennet)


  • Reyes has multiple abilities which is unusual for normally people only have one.

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