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Lance Anderson
Portrayed by Justin Hartley
First appearance Welcome to The Company
In-story stats
Known ability None
Nickname Lancer
Age 24
Date of birth 1983
Place of birth Wisconsin
Date of death 2007
Home Fort Lee, NJ
Occupation Former Company Agent

Lance Anderson is an agent for The Company.

Character History

Welcome to The Company

Lance is partnered up with John and and is assigned to catch Jimmy Wright and Tyler Gavin. When John refuses to shoot and capture Jimmy, Lance tries to do it alone. But is almost killed from an exploding garbage can cause by Jimmy's power. They caught Tyler when John knew he had no choice to work wit The company.


He and his partner John were given the assignment to bring in Michael Fitzgerald to Level 5. After fighting him and taking some damage, he tasers him wo then falls to the ground. After Lance gets a call that the Company has found Jimmy Wright, they go after him. But when they have him surrounded, He ignites a heated grill which explodes right next to Lance.

New Partner

Bennet tells John that the blast of the explosion has caused Lance's spine to partially break and his vocal chords to be damaged.


Bennet informs John that Lance died from the explosion Jimmy Wright caused.

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