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  • John starts his first day at the company.
  • John receives a partner
  • A man is killing for an organization.

Story Development

Biological Manipulation · Jimmy Wright · Lance Anderson · Tyler Gavin · Spontaneous Combustion


Primatech Research – 1:00 pm


John waits outside in a hallway while Bennet is inside Angela Petrelli's office talking about him. Bennet walks out of the office and gives the gesture to follow him.

"Alright you’ve got the job. Buy you have to be on your best behavior if this is going to work. They already know you can successfully ambush a government building, so don’t give them a reason to shoot." John reassures, "Don’t worry. I can protect myself." Bennet gives John a look that says he’s being serious. John says, "I know, I’ll be careful."

"Good. You’re in dangerous waters now. They know how to trick you into trusting them. So use your brain. Now, here’s your gun, your pass for all law enforcements, and you will be getting a partner." John asks, "I'm getting a partner?". Bennet replies, "Yes. One of us, one of them. You’re a them. It’s required that you have to have an us. He’ll be meeting you by the car outside." While John says in disbelieve, "So many rules", Bennet responds with, "What did you expect? We’re baggers and taggers. Good luck, and welcome to the Company."

John leaves Bennet and walks outside. He sees a man leaning against a car, who then looks at the exiting John. The man stops leaning and reaches his arm out, and they shake hands. "You must be John. I’m Anderson, Lance Anderson. I guess I’m going to be your new partner."

"I guess so." They both get into the car and Lance drives off. "So John, what can you do?", asks a curious Lance. John answers, "My ability…it has been defined as, umm... to see and react faster than normal. I can see how things are going to happen a few seconds before they do. My vision makes the world look like it’s in slow motion, even though I’m seeing at more of an accelerated rate. And I rarely ever miss a target when firing or throwing something."

"Ah. Accelerated Probability. Good power. A very useful one." John says, "So that’s the name for it. To me, this power makes me feel like I can be nothing but a killer...or a...bagger and tagger. So who are we after?"

"A few years ago, a new agent joined the Company. In fact, he has the same power as you, but he also has a few more. But anyway, this was like his second or third mission, and he lost him. I think his name is Wright. It was only until now, we found him again. So our assignment is to bring Wright into Level 5." John replied in a way that sound like he hated saying it, "Alright."

They parked in an alley, and got out of the car. They start walking down the street and see the person they are after. Lance hands John a rifle like gun and an ear piece. He says to get to the top of a building and fire it, while he goes another way to capture him. Lance knew John would not need a scope for the gun with his ability. John goes to the top of the nearest building and spots him. The person sees Lance coming after him, so he runs. Through the earpiece, Lance says, "I can see where you are, you have the shot, take it". John hesitates and Lance repeats, "TAKE THE SHOT!" John responds, "No, I won’t do it". Lance starts running faster to catch up to him, but the man quickly turns around and a garbage can catches fire almost exploding right next to Lance. The man got away because of that.

John gets down from the building and is then confronted by Lance. "What the hell was that? You had the shot." John yells, "I won’t capture my own kind."

"Then you’ll be locked up. Is that better for you? I’m going to give you another chance. They gave us another assignment. If you don’t do this, I’ll report you, and you’ll be sent to Level 5. Now, let’s go get the next target." They then go back to the car.

New Jersey - 2:00 pm

John looks at the file, and says, "This next guy, Tyler Gavin has the ability to manipulate life. Can willingly heal you, or drain your life." Lance responds, "Huh. Seems like even you can’t dodge him."

"Don’t worry about me. At least I have something to dodge with. It says here he has a brother, Andrew. Apparently he worked at a hospital and in the room he worked in, found a man with pale white skin and black eyes. But they have it listed as a murder committed by Tyler. And now Andrew is no where to be found."

"Yeah. That’s why we’re going after this guy. But besides that he has killed others too."

"It just seems like his brother has the same power too, and left after the murder." Lance slightly agrees, "Maybe, but lets just focus on Tyler now."

So they once again get out of the car, spotting Tyler. Though Tyler saw them and started running. They chase after him, but John takes a short cut and gets closer behind him then they were. And just like before, through the earpiece, Lance tells him take the shot. John hesitates for a while. When Lance caught up to him, Tyler grabbed Lance's wrists and was starting to drain his life. Seeing this, John focuses to enhance his vision. He fires his gun and hits him dead on in the back of the knee. They walk over to him and shoot him in the neck with a gun with two needles.

"Alright, now we call someone to take him away. Good shot by the way. You may be a good agent after all."

New York - 4:00 pm

The man that John and Lance first chased, John's first assignment, was now in New York. He looked at this file with a picture of a person on it. This man with the file was wearing a necklace with the letter "Q" in gold on it. He went into this office building and saw the person in the file. He walked in his office and waited for him to come in. Once he did, he asked, "Oh, Hello, may I help you with anything?"

The man waiting says to him, "Could you please shut the door, I need to talk to you in private." So he shuts the door and he sits down at his desk, but the man stayed standing. "So what can I help you with?"

"I'm just here to deliver a message." Suddenly the man's eyes turned red and the person at the desk burst into flames. As he rolls on the ground in pain, the man says to him, "Quantum says hi.", smiles then lights a candle which is then thrown on the floor lighting up the carpet. He walks out of the office and says to call an ambulance, and that a candle fell on the floor. As other workers come rushing to the office trying to put out the fire, the man walks out of the office building and goes home.


Memorable Quotes


"No, I won’t do it."

- Lance Anderson, John Dolan


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