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How do we know who to trust? Are we supposed to go by their word and believe that they will make the right decisions? What if they can be trusted until another idea flows through their minds? What would you do then? We cannot believe that everyone is able to be trusted. Because if we do...we will all be betrayed.


  • A discovery is made within the Pinehearst building.
  • Reyes faces Angela about his decision.
  • Someone requests help when seeing a horrible fate.

Story Development

Electric manipulation · Space-Time Manipulation


Pinehearst - 3:00 pm

Jack and Ross shake hands. And as they are doing so, Jack's shaking hand begins glowing white. He is about to use his power on Ross to push the skin right off him to kill him starting with Ross's hand. However, the seismic burst that was going to blast at Ross, blasted at Jack instead.

A big white burst of energy was going backwards from Jack's shaking hand to the rest of his own body. As the blast was killing Jack who was screaming in pain, everyone else in the room watched in horror with frightened looks on their faces. Jack would normally have gone flying back, but Ross was not letting go. When he finally did however, Jack just fell to the floor charred from the seismic burst. "You said you weren't special." Tommy spoke in terrible fear. "I know...I lied. I was not sure if I could trust you. And now I know, I cannot. I am able to reverse the effects of an ability. It is easier with touch, but I can do it mentally. I am disappointed that all of you have been planning this." Ross explained.

"How did you know about us?" Nina asked. "I can absorb others' gifts. Taking all and leaving nothing behind. I read minds and heal, and soon had a visit from my son, who was special as well. He had an ability to mimic those of others. I took them all. I am now able to see the future. With telepathy and precognition in use, I saw this coming days ago." Arthur mentioned. "Mark you came back from the dead once before, but now I am ending it for good." Arthur grabbed Mark telekineticlly and held on to his head, with his palm on Mark's forehead. His hands then started glowing blue and no sooner than that, electricity started sparking from under his hand. Mark fell to the floor dead. Arthur had electrified Mark's brain just by holding his forehead.

Tommy and Nina ran out of the office. Sean was struck by Arthur's lightning simiotaneously while Sean was teleporting out of the office. "Let them go Mr. Ross. They are not important anymore. As long as we have the others, we are just fine. They's pay the consequences of their betrayal later."

Primatech Research - 4:30 pm

"You should not have done that. You were blessed with those gifts." Angela scolded. "Blessed? You and you scientists injected me with an unstable formula!" Reyes yelled. "People would give anything for what you had, no matter the price. And if you tell me different your wrong because I have seen it." Angela explained. "Well it doesn't matter anymore. It's done." Reyes leaves Angela's office and walks down the Primatech halls. John catches up to him and says, "How'd it go?" Reyes replies, "Not now Dolan." "Whatever." John said uncaring. "Hey! You wouldn't be calm if you were injected as a kid." Reyes exclaimed. "At least you have memories of when you were younger. It has been a bit over a week since I woke up!" yelled John. A guard in Primatech hears the yelling and orders them to stop. They then go off in different directions.

Later Bennet gives John a folder containing information on Jimmy Wright. He says he was spotted close by. As John goes to find Reyes so they can head to his location, Bennet stops John and says, "Oh and John, your previous partner Lance died this afternoon." John has blank stare on his face and merely says, "Okay."

John and Reyes pull up to a construction site and enter the tall building being worked on.. They go up a few floors and find that Jimmy was searching for his next target. "Wright! Who are you working for?" yelled Reyes. "That's none of your concern. Just go back to capturing people. I at least take care of them for good." Jimmy replied. "What are you doing? We were going to sneak up on him." John said. "You have your plan, I have mine. No one is telling me what to do." Reyes said angrily. Reyes starts running after him when John pulls him back. "Stop! I know your angry, but you're going to ruin our chance at catching this guy." John stated. "NO YOU ARE!" John punches him in the face, and John does the same thing. The two start fighting epically. Reyes gets angry enough to the point he pulls the gun and fires it at John. It hits his arm and he lunges back almost falling of the side of the unfinished building. John pulls his gun and fires it past Reyes's head hitting Jimmy's shoulder. Jimmy was about to stab Reyes.

John then takes out his tranquilizer and goes to shoot Jimmy. Reyes fires his gun at the incoming tasers heading for Wright. He knocks them out of their path, turns around and shoots Jimmy once in the stomach, but not enough to kill him. As he goes to shoot him again John yells out, "What the hell are you doing?!" Reyes yells back, "Jimmy was right. We have to take care of them permenantally." Reyes, about to fire, was tackled over the edge, falling to the next floor below. Jimmy getting up from the ground in pain blew up a machine, igniting the entire building. The brawling agents stop as they are pushing each other out of the way. John's vision was enhancing as he was running. Though he was not heading for the door like Reyes was. He was heading for the ledge at the end of the building. He was speeding up faster and faster with his ability. When he got to the edge he pushed off hard with his right leg, and giant leap to the next building. John went to the apartment that Bennet had given him. He rested that night with blood and dust all over him. Though he only had small cuts. When he went in to work the next day Primatech had burnt down. "Bennet, What the hell happened? Did Jimmy come here?" John asked. "No, just a hungry psychopath. Angela said the Company is no more. So this means you are done." Bennet responds. "You're kidding right? After signing me up for this, to try to take down the Company, a fire occurs and that's it?" John says in disbelief. "Yes" Bennet says plainly. As Bennet walks away, John quickly asks "Hey, where's Reyes?" Bennet replies, "No one knows. Must have died." Bennet walks away officially now. Sean then teleports in front of John. "The future is in trouble." He then puts his hand on John's shoulder and teleports away.

End of volume one.
Volume Two: Futures

Sean and John are teleported two months into the future. "When I was zapped with electricity, it screwed up my concentration to teleport. So I accidentally came here. I had heard you were a hero. I think yo can help f...AAAAHHHH!!!!!!"

Sean had been shot in the back and died. John turned around to see who the shooter was to only find that it was Bennet. "Bennet, what are you doing?" John asked. "Never mind me, where have you been." asked Bennet. "I'm the John you last saw two months ago. I was teleported here by him." John explained. " should have tried to stay there." Bennet then punches him in the face, knocking John out. Bennet calls someone on his phone and says "We have another."



Memorable Quotes

"Let them go Mr. Ross. They are not important anymore. As long as we have the others, we are just fine. They's pay the consequences of their betrayal later."

- Arthur Petrelli (to Ross)

" "Wright! Who are you working for?"

"That's none of your concern. Just go back to capturing people. I at least take care of them for good."

- Reyes, Jimmy Wright


  • This episode is the first monologue to feature a "Heroes Legends" character.
  • Season One and Volume One are considered the same.

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