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Enhanced vision
Donna's Big Date, Part 1.jpg
"Blake" sees Donna aiming at him from a block away.
Originally held by: Donna Dunlap (deceased),
Redhead prisoner
Absorbed by: Millie Houston
Ability to: See better than normally possible

Enhanced vision is the ability to see better than normally possible, enabling:

  • Circle sight (Have 360 degrees eyesight)
  • Night vision (See clearly in darkness).
  • Telescopic vision (Magnify vision to various levels).
  • X-ray vision (See through solid matter).



Donna Dunlap

Donna is able to see perfectly in the dark. As a child, she used this aspect of her ability to read under the covers without a light. She noticed "Blake" watching her after 10 pm at night. (Donna's Big Date, Part 1)

Donna can also see at great distances. In school, she was able to see things written on a teacher's desk while sitting in the back row. It is unknown exactly how far she can see, but at night she was able to see "Blake" from half a block, at a distance of 245 meters (804 feet) and shoot him squarely in his night vision goggles. During the day, Donna was able to clearly make out people through the windows of an airplane flying at 32,000 feet.

Donna's vision also allows her to see great details. In high school, she was able to see the individual details on snowflakes.

The Company's assignment tracker notes that Donna has an enhanced visual cortex, the part of the brain that processes visual images, and that her visual range is on par with predatory birds.

Although not demonstrated, Felicia claims that an aspect of Donna's ability is x-ray vision. (Career Choices)

Redhead prisoner

She is able to see through solid matter, so she knows that Niki is inside the cell.

Millie Houston