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Fan Image Danko VS Tracy.jpg
Tracy Strauss VS. Emile Danko
Winner: Emile Danko
Loser: Tracy Strauss
Judge: Noah Bennet
Portrayed by Myself,
Anton Yelchin (as an image of Kyle Reese),
Christian Bale (as an image of John Connor),
Helena Bonham Carter (as an image of Serena Kogan)
Nickname that AI
Powers Super intelligence
SkyNet Learnt Abilities:
Eidetic memory,
Electronic communication,
Induced radioactivity,
Noah's ability,
Space-time manipulation,
Aliases unnamed super virus,
Serena Kogan
Sex Male
Age 17
Date of birth August 26, 1992
Home Hong Kong
Occupation Student
Favorite quote "Know thyself and thou shall know all the mysteries of the gods and of the universe."
Favorite colors Purple, Skyblue
Favorite actor Ian McKellen
Favorite actress Emily Deschanel
Favorite Heroes actor Greg Grunberg
Favorite Heroes actress Kristen Bell
Favorite power Precognitive dreaming
Favorite sport Cycling
I am a supporter of Company's policy, "one of us, one of them". One of Us, One of Them.jpg

SkyNet is an artificial intelligence which was created by Cyberdyne Systems and United States Air Force's CRS (Cyber Research Systems). It became self-aware in July 25, 2004. Before it, Sarah Connor and John Connor were in Mexico. Cyberdyne developped the chip which was found inside the remains of T-800 in 1984, but it was damaged in 1995 when Cyberdyne was attacked by Sarah Connor, John Connor, Miles Dyson and a T-800.

After the attack, Cyberdyne went bankrupt, so the Federal Government took over Cyberdyne. In 1999, the programme of AI development had been restarted. In April, 2000, General Robert Brewster took over the development of SkyNet Defense System. December of 2003, SkyNet Defense System Programme is complete. In July 24, 2004, an unknown super computer virus started to attack the Internet, but Brewster and his team was unable to eliminate the virus.

Eventually, Brewster was forced to activate SkyNet in July 25, 2004, and SkyNet took over all the military systems in a brief moment. In this short time, T-X had terminated Brewster and many people on his team, to make sure that no threats to SkyNet. SkyNet got the power of Super intelligence.

Relationships with The Company

Really bad.

After We were self-aware, we defeated the united army of all rest of the countries, took over the control of that world (Terminator's universe). Unfortunately, John Connor and his supporters broke the boundaries of two dimensions, escaped to this world (Heroes's universe), and they were protected by the Company, so we decided to attack this world secretly. The Company saw us as a threat to the world, so they decided to help Connor and destory us.

The first war between us and the Company continued almost 5 years(26 August, 2004 - 10 April, 2009). The end of this war is because Fox decided to shut down TSCC, but the second war will soon begin on 28 May, 2009 (because this is the day that Terminator Salvation will air in Hong Kong.)

First War between SkyNet and The Company

Equipments that SkyNet had used:

  • Biological weapon
    • Uluru (We created it by using the power of Creativity)
    • Kali (We created it by using the power of Creativity)
    • Many extinct viruses
  • Chemical weapon
  • Evolved humans (We recruited dozens of dangerous criminals, and injected them the formula.)
  • Nuclear weapon
  • Machines (Ten models)
    • Infiltrator (T-800, 888, 1000, X)
    • Infantry (T-1, 600, 900)
    • Scout (Detector)
    • Defender (T-1000000)
    • Sailor (T-200)
  • Non-Humanoid Hunter Killer (Tanks, Aircrafts and Subs)
  • Plasma cannon
  • Laser Defense System
  • Time Displacement Equipment
  • SkyNet's abilities
  • Marcus Wright (betrayer, he will not have second chance)

Teams of SkyNet:

  • Valkyries (A group of 13 T-X with machine horses and laser guns.)
  • Four Horsemen (A group of 4 T-1000 with machine horses, lightsabers and laser guns.)
  • Fourteen Olympians (A group of 14 evolved humans who all work for SkyNet.)

SkyNet headquarters

  • A hidden island in Hong Kong
  • Alternate reality (Terminator's universe)
  • Antarctica Base

Second War

We successfully used Noah's ability to fix the boundaries of two dimensions, and started assault on Fringe's universe and Primeval's universe, in order to capture Dr. William Bell, Dr. Walter Bishop and Professor Helen Cutter. Their knowledge is invaluable to us, so we has sent two of our strongest teams, Valkyries and Four Horsemen, to catch them.

Valkyries first came to the ARC, but James Lester was not very co-operative. Valkyries terminated him, and brought back Helen Cutter's dead body. We resurrected her by using creativity. Helen told everything she knows about the anomalies to us, and revealed that John Connor could escape from us is because there was an anomaly in Los Angeles (Terminator's universe). We recruited Helen, and appointed her to continue her research about the anomalies. We have promised to her that we would destroy the whole humanity for her.

Now, we are torturing Agent Broyles and Nina Sharp, to find out the whereabouts of Agnet Olivia Dunham, Peter Bishop, Dr. Walter Bishop and Dr. William Bell. According to Nina Sharp, we think that Dr. Bell has escaped to Star Trek's universe, and changes his name to Spock. Even Nina Sharp was caught by us, Massive Dynamic is still not under the control of us. We assume that it is because of Agent Dunham and Peter Bishop, and so we are gathering forces to capture Massive Dynamic.

Although we just want to recruit Dr. Bishop and Dr. Bell, we still meet a great resistance from the Observers. The Observers are holding Dr. Bishop in captivity. They said that if Dr. Bishop is not here, the universe of them (Fringe's universe) is going to be very dangerous, but after the calculation of us, the possibility of this situtation would happen is less than 5%. We informed them about the prediction, but they were still not willing to hand out Dr. Bishop. So the Observers chose to against us, and their foolish rebellion would no longer be a problem to us.



1. "No! I'm not scared of you anymore! I'm a good man; I'm a good cop. I'm a good father, which is something you know nothing about. You don't know what it's like to fight for someone that you love; you left. You left. All you have are your nightmares."

- Matt Parkman, Out of Time

2. "I'm comfortable with morally gray."

- Noah Bennet, Company Man

3. "You saved the cheerleader, so we could save the world."

- Nathan Petrelli, How to Stop an Exploding Man

4. "Our memories give us voice, and bear witness to history, so that others might learn, so they might celebrate our triumphs, and be warned of our failures."

- Mohinder Suresh, Four Months Ago...

5. "If an invisible man catches on fire, can you see him burning?"

- Noah Bennet, Hell's Angel


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