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Matthew McHenry
Portrayed by Josh Zuckerman (21),
Sam Grunberg (4)
First appearance An Irresistible Force
In-story stats
Known ability Tactile activation
Aliases Thomas "Tommy" McHenry, Jr.
Age 21 (in 2029), 4 (in 2011)
Date of birth June 25, 2007
Place of birth Los Angeles, CA
Home New York, NY
Residence The Deveaux Building
Parents Matt Parkman,
Janice McHenry,
Tom McHenry (legal)
Grandparents Paternal Grandparents:
Maury Parkman (deceased),
Tracy Chobham (deceased)
Siblings Daniella Parkman (half-sister),
Molly Walker (adoptive half-sister)

Matthew McHenry, born Thomas "Tommy" McHenry, Jr. is a Special and the biological son of Matt Parkman and Janice McHenry and the legal son of Tom McHenry.

Character History

Volume One: Cataclysm

When Claire Bennet inquires to Janice McHenry about the whereabouts of Matt Parkman under false pretences, Janice's son Tommy claims that Claire is lying, so Claire comes clean.

Volume Two: Progeny

By 2029, Tommy has changed his name to "Matthew" to reflect his knowledge of his true parentage. Though he respects Tom McHenry for raising him, he is disenchanted with Tom's denial that Matthew is his real son. Matthew has moved in with his father and stepmother and has a very close relationship with his half-sister. He briefly speaks with Savannah Lemay as she moves in with her own father.

Evolved Human Abilities

Matthew, as a child, originally appeared to have lie detection or telepathy, like his father and grandfather. However, it is later revealed that his ability is to activate electronic and biological mechanisms. He does this by turning on Savannah's phone.

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  • Though Matthew is originally assumed to be the child of Tom McHenry, his true parentage was implied earlier in the casting of Greg Grunberg's youngest son, Sam.

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