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For thousands of centuries, man has always entered through the same door twice, a second coming to a house, an arrival to a place they are already familiar with. With each step comes the familiar taste of destiny, like a bacon sandwich with a nice spread of brown sauce all over it. I like bacon sandwiches. But each step becomes louder, angrier, with more booming velocity than the step before, as man reaches his final destination, the final door. His answer calling from within.


  • Nathan and Matt work together to escape D.L.
  • D.L. uses an ability he has not used in months.

Story Development

Nathan's press conference · Phasing



Nathan, attending the press conference, decides that it is time to ask for questions for him to answer. He points to one reporter, whom asks if he has the ability of flight. Nathan laughs at his silly question, with Matt nodding in approval. He points to another man. The man stands up and takes off his hat - he is D.L. Hawkins. Nathan and Matt try to defend themselves from the vengeful lunatic, but he manages to phase through Nathan, killing him instantly. Matt carries Nathan's corpse straight to the hospital.

Dropping him on a hospital bed, Matt knows that Nathan is not truely dead, but is only pretending to be dead in order to cover his own tracks. Suddenly, without warning, Nathan bolts up and looks at Matt. They both start laughing, glad that they have escaped from the vengeful D.L.. At that moment, Nathan receives a text from his would-be murderer, which tells him that he has been forgiven of all his wrong doings, offering his friendship, which Nathan accepts. Nathan and Matt shake hands - a job well done.

D.L. decides that he needs to celebrate, and taps into a power he has not used in four months time. He slams his fist straight into the ground, causing a rift in the space-time continuum once again. The Earth shakes, and the entire planet is wiped out. D.L. laughs as humanity is eradicated in a nuclear blast.

Memorable Quotes

"Matt, we did it. We're friends with D.L.."

"Well, I was already friends with him, but, okay."

- Nathan, Matt

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