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Nathan's press conference

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Nathan's press conference
Nathan's press conference.jpg
Nathan, Matt and Peter prepare to announce their abilities.

First mentioned: Powerless
Date of event: March 20, 2007
Location: Odessa, TX

Nathan holds a press conference after destroying the Shanti virus.



After Peter destroys Strain 138, Nathan decides that it's time to expose the Company, and to do that they need to come clean about their abilities. Matt arranges this in the Odessa Sheriff's Department. Nathan begins his speech and explains that he has met people with extraordinary abilities. Just as he begins the sentence "I have the ability--", Nathan gets shot. While the crowd is in shock, a man wearing a ball cap leaves the scene.

The Second Coming

Future Peter time travels to March 20, 2007 to the Odessa Sheriff's Department. He walks into the back of the press conference and shoots Nathan just before Nathan reveals that he can fly. Peter walks away from the scene while the crowd erupts in chaos. Present Peter chases after his future self as paramedics rush Nathan to the hospital and reporters cover the event.

Graphic Novel:Consequences

Angela Petrelli recalls all of the times that she has tried to put off Nathan's death and remembers when he was shot during his press conference at the Odessa Sheriff's Department.

Memorable Quotes

"Good afternoon. Most of you have no idea who I am. My name is Nathan Petrelli and I was elected to Congress in the state of New York. Seems like a long time ago. I lost my position, I lost my brother, and I lost my family. I'm sad to say that I lost my way. But while I was gone I've had the chance to see the world through newly humbled eyes, witnessed amazing things, seen ordinary people among us trying their best each day to be heroes. These ordinary people, like you, like me, are capable of extraordinary things. You have no idea how extraordinary. But there are other people; organizations who don't want you to know the truth. I myself kept secrets. But last year, something incredible happened to me and it changed my life. At first, I was afraid, but I'm not afraid anymore. I'm here to tell you the truth. I have the ability--."

- Nathan (Powerless)


  • During this scene, Nathan has a tie and his hair is made. However, in promotional images for the scene, there is no tie and his hair is not made. This is likely due to the last-minute change to the season's conclusion due to the writer's strike. In the alternate version, as seen on the season 2 DVD, Nathan is announcing to the world the outbreak of the Shanti virus, but falls ill in the middle of his speech. During the speech, he looks unhealthy and his hair is not properly combed.

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