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User:ERROR/Barbedknives's ability

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Barbedknives's ability

Eww. I TOLD you you didn't want an image. But no, you didn't listen.
Originally held by: Barbedknives
Absorbed by: Fortunately, nobody
Ability to: Crap your pants

Barbedknives's ability is the ability to crap yourself for days.


You don't wanna know.

Memorable Quotes

"Would you crap yourself for days if this were real? I know I would."

"Hopefully, it wouldn't give me THAT ability! :)"


- Barbedknives, Cro Magnon, ERROR

"Well, guys, it turns out that the formula is indeed real."

"Did you crap yourself for days?"

"Yeah, that's the ability I got."

"How ironic."

- Barbedknives, ERROR

"Man, I smell."

- Barbedknives

"How long you going to be in there?"

- Some guy (to some Hiro-lookalike)

Joke Ability

This ability was made as a joke, in reference to this. I hope Barbedknives won't be mad, and we can all have a hearty laugh about it.

One of the "nominated" name changes is in reference to RGS's post here. Obviously, that's not up anymore, but you get the idea.