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Hiro And The Villains
Hiro And T.JPG
Hiro Looks Cool
Location: Primatech
Purpose: To make people enjoy their music and try to get many number 1 cd's.
First appearance Oh Look An Eclipse
First mentioned: Kaito's Box
Known leaders: Hiro,Peter
Known members: Hiro,
Flint Gordon Jr,
Equipment used: Their Abilities,a Spanner,Nathan's Beard,Flint Gordon Jr's Scar,Sylar's Eyebrows and many more items...

How It Started

When a new entry in the charts called "The Beerleader" won 5 platinum discs, Hiro and some other characters decided to make a band called Hiro And The Villains.


They have had numerous number 1 hits including....

Songs of the album Genesis.

1. 5 Plates Of Waffle's Please,
2. Where Is Train Station,
3. Yatta !,
4. Bad Man,
5. Heroes,
6. Sam's Comics,
7. How To Stop A Man Go "Boom" !,
8. Best Day Ever (Duet with Sam and Frack) (bonus track)

Songs of the album Revolution In Japan

1. I Must Use Toilet,
2. Meredith's On Fire,
3. Blue Monday,
4. Super Charger ( Based On Ando ),
5. Flying Man,
6. What Is Happening (Duet with Maya and Mohinder),
7. There's A Eclipse V A Petrelli,
8.Our Father Song (All Characters) (Bonus Track)

Songs from the New album Truth & Consequences,Formula's And Viruses

1. Pigeon Talk,
2. Peter Shot The Flying Man,
3. Flint's Formula,
4. Group OF 12,
5.At The RGS,
6.The Exploding Virus Arthur,
7.That Little Girl Found Me,
8.I Stabbed A Cockroach.(Bonus Track)

Sonngs From the latest album Evolved Fugitives

1.A Clear And Present Danger,
2. Ando Cycle,
3. Back In Time ( Hiro's Remix ),
4.Danko's A Slaphead,
5.Attack In Building 26,
7. Ice,Ice Tracy,
8.Nathan's Dirty Little Secret,
9. Dont Shoot Me Peter,
10.Arthur's Ringtone (Bonus Track)