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Portrayed by Chris Pine
First appearance With or Against
In-story stats
Known ability Rapid Cellular Regeneration
Date of death 2007
Occupations Former doctor, Former member of Pinehearst

Mark was a doctor, but is now with Pinehearst.


When Mark found out about Andrew Gavin's ability, he was going to tell the world. But Andrew stopped him by grabbing his arms, and sucking the life out of him. He died within moments. Mark was soon revived. He had healed himself unwillingly. When he realized he had a power as well, he disgusted himself. But he was brought to Pinehearst and soon joined them.

Character History

With or Against

Mark comes in to Arthur's office sucking up to him so he won't die, but Arthur says to knock it off. He said that he changed his mind about his abilities, though this is a lie.


Mark was in Arthur's office when the mutiny occurred. Arthur grabbed him telekineically and put his hand oh Mark's forehead. Once Arthur's hand was on his head, he charred his brain from the outside, electrically.

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