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The expression, follow your heart, people say will help you. But how do you know if you are making the right decision. Can you fully trust your allies? Or underneath, are they really your enemies? Would you trust them no matter what? Are you with them, or against them?


  • Members of Pinehearst try to recruit someone.
  • An act is played out by a decision.
  • A defeat occurs.

Story Development

Arthur Petrelli · Flint Gordon, Jr. · Knox · Mark · Scott · Sean Allen · Tracy Strauss


Tommy and Jack are talking in the lobby, when Nina walks in from one of her assignments. She walks in with a new recruit named Sean Allen, with the ability to control time and space. "Your power's pretty cool, but umm, Nina, me and Jack need to talk to you." Tommy says. "That's ok, he can be included too.", Jack assures, "We are planning to take over Pinehearst for ourselves. And we were wondering if you were with us." Jack continued. "What?! Are you guys serious? Ross is powerful, he has high authority. Besides, like he said, he isn't the big boss." Nina states. "We know, but if he goes down, then we will be one step closer to the top. I mean, do you fully trust him?" Tommy questions. "No, but I know when I have to keep low to stay alive." Nina protested. "Come on. If he goes down, then no more being afraid." Jack said. "If you guys are even planning on doing this because of him, then I'm in." Sean agreed. "Fine, then I'm in too." Nina finally agreed.

They all met in an office, where they met a man. Ross was with him. "Ahh, they're here. Everyone, this is Arthur Petrelli. He is the man behind this whole operation." explained Ross, "Sir these three, now four people are excellent at their missions." said Ross. "Make that five." a man walked in. "Hello Mr. Petrelli, i'm Mark. Its good to finally meet you." Mark explained. "Yes, I remember you. You were going to rat us all out because of your friend, Andrew Gavin. You also hate your ability and wanted it gone. I see you've changed your mind on that." Arthur said. "Yes, I have. And I am willing to do anything you tell me sir." Mark replied. "Good then. First off Mark, don't suck up. Next, if you all are as good as Mr. Ross says you are, then I want you all to go on separate missions for me." So they did.

When they all returned from their assignments, they discussed what they did. "I had to kill a man, from Haiti i think. Didn't work out so good. He sneaked up be hind me and grabbed my head, next thing I know, I'm waking up from being unconscious and it's been four hours." Tommy started. "I had to kill a telepath. I couldn't get near him or use my power. He knew I was coming. Not to mention he was with Mss.Speedy Gonzalez." Nina said. This conversation soon ended when Jack changed the subject. "I think we should attack earlier." Jack thought. "What, you said when we have his full trust." responded Sean. "I know but did you hear him? We are all good at our missions. And now we know who and where this big boss is. We can just go up and do what we do best." Jack said. "But we don't even know if he's one of us." Nina stated. "So, I can push people back, including skin, Tommy can burn, Sean can stop time, and Nina, you can stop him in his tracks. We can take him."

The next day, everyone headed to Arthur's office. Knox, Flint, Tracy, and someone new named Scott, were already there. When the four others arrive, Jack walks up to Ross and says, "Sir, I was thinking last night, that you have done so much for us. And I just wanted to say thank you, and I am glad to be working with you." "Thank you Mr. Foreman. That means a great deal." They shake hands. And as they are doing so, Jack's shaking hand begins glowing white. He is about to use his power on Ross to push the skin right off him to kill him starting with Ross's hand. However, the seismic burst that was going to blast at Ross, blasted at Jack instead.

A big white burst of energy was going from Jack's shaking hand to the rest of his own body. As the blast was killing Jack who was screaming in pain, everyone else in the room watched in horror with frightened looks on their faces.

To be continued...


Memorable Quotes

"First off Mark, don't suck up."

- Arthur Petrelli (to Mark)

"I had to kill a telepath. I couldn't get near him or us my power. He knew I was coming. Not to mention he was with Ms. Speedy Gonzalez."

- Nina Matthews (to Tommy, Jack Foreman, Sean Allen)


  • When Mark said he has changed his mind about his ability, he was lying. He really does hate his ability, but just doesn't want to die at the hands of Arthur.


  • This is the second episode to feature only one storyline. The other was Assignments.

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