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Sean Allen
Portrayed by Eric Johnson
First appearance With or Against
In-story stats
Known ability Space-Time Manipulation
Age 25
Date of death 2007
Occupation Former member of Pinehearst

Sean Allen is an evolved human who can control time and space.

Character History

With or Against

Sean was seen being brought to Pinehearst by Nina. When Jack told Nina the plan, Sean immediately agreed on it, for he was nervous about the boss after they way they were talking. But the plan finally went into action. He stood in the office when Jack's ability backfired on him, and was starting to kill him, as he screamed in pain.


When Sean teleports out of Arthur's office, Arthur quickly zaps him with lightning. This screw up his concentration and ended up 2 months into the future.

Volume Two: Futures

Sean came back from the future, only to take John here. He said he heard he was a good guy and that he can save the future. Sean is then shot by Bennet, who soon dies.

Evolved Human Abilities

Sean has the ability to control time and space. Though he has yet to show his ability.

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