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Portrayed by Missy Peregrym (as Candice Wilmer,
Tawny Cypress (as Simone Deveaux),
Ashley Crow (as Sandra Bennet),
Hayden Panettiere (as Claire Bennet),
Ali Larter (as Jessica Sanders),
Kimleigh Smith (as Ms. Baker),
Rachel Kimsey (as Michelle),
Marisa Tayui (as a geisha),
Julie and Shawnie Costello (as hot twins),
Zachary Quinto (as Sylar)
First appearance Company Man
In-story stats
Known ability Illusion
Aliases Mr. Campbell,
Candice Wilmer,
Simone Deveaux,
Sandra Bennet,
Claire Bennet,
Jessica Sanders,
Niki Sanders,
Ms. Baker,
Date of death March 2007
Home Clayton, NY
Occupation Works for the Company
Significant other Sean Fallon

The Evolved Human Profile for Betty.

Character History

Betty was a teenager who hated high school because she was always picked on because of the way she looked. Her best friend was a boy named Ren; the two of them imagined their enemies in their positions and feeling worse than they are. Betty then discovered that she could make people see anything she wanted them to see. She used her ability to get revenge on those who made fun of her. After one of her illusions got Ren killed she decided to take on a new life as Candice Wilmer.

Betty's true form is finally shown when she is killed.

Candice became an agent for the Company and used her ability to deceive many people. She played a key role in helping Daniel Linderman have Nathan Petrelli win the election. She pretended to be Niki Sanders and had Micah use his ability to make Nathan win. Eventually Niki found Candice, posing as Jessica, and the two fought. Niki then learned that Candice wasn’t Jessica and used her ability to knock out Candice. Candice eventually awoke and then dragged a near dead Sylar off of Kirby Plaza. Four months after pulling Sylar off of Kirby Plaza, she took on another identity, Michelle, since the police were looking for Candice. Michelle had been taking care of Sylar ever since she saved him. She tried to convince Sylar that she would help him regain his abilities. However, Sylar felt her ability would be a good one to start over with and he then killed her.

Evolved Human Abilities

Candice had the power of illusion. She was able to alter how people perceived reality around her. She could use this to "become" other people or even things and affect how others saw the world.