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Graphic Novel Favorite Quotes

"If an invisible man catches on fire, can you see him burn?"- HRG

"Who are you? -- I'm the guy breaking you out!"- Niki, Future Peter

"You can't burn what you can't catch, scar-boy. --Well, thanks to our quality time together, I'm as fast as you are. Talk about speed dating..."- speed-girl (to Future Peter)

"Put the gun down and listen to the man....or else I'll melt that bullet, melt the gun, and melt you before you can even think of pulling the trigger!"- Ted (to Hana)

"Don't you need to write any of this down?" -- "Memory is not an issue for me."- Mohinder, The Haitian

"This is new. People usually aren't relieved to see me." - Sylar

"Do you insure anyone named Gray?" -- "We can't disclose client information" -- "Well maybe I can just pick your brain?" Sylar, Joe Macon, Sylar