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Ted Sprague

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Ted Sprague
Ted sprague.jpg
Portrayed by Matthew John Armstrong
First appearance Nothing to Hide
In-story stats
Known ability Induced radioactivity
Formal name Theodore Sprague
Alias TeddyBear616
Nickname Teddy
Age 33
Date of birth August 28, 1973
Place of birth Los Angeles, CA
Date of marriage 2004
Date of death November 7th, 2006
Home Los Angeles, CA,
formerly Londonderry Township, PA
Residence Ted Sprague's home
Occupation Medical equipment salesman
Significant others Karen Sprague (wife, deceased)
Parents Unnamed father,
Mindy Sprague
Grandparents Maternal grandparents:
Ernest Sprague,
Nellie Sprague
Other relatives Joseph Gallagher (brother in law, deceased),
Four unnamed uncles and aunts

Ted Sprague was a resident of Los Angeles, CA. He was the son of Mindy Sprague and the husband of Karen Sprague. He was an evolved human who had the ability to emit radiation from his body. He was killed by Sylar.

Character History

Nothing to Hide

Matt and Audrey are investigating the murder of Robert Fresco, an oncologist at UCLA. His body was found burned to a char and emitting 1,800 curies of radiation. A fingerprint found seared into the man's bone is matched using the FBI's CODIS system to Theodore Sprague.

Matt and Audrey investigate the house and find signs of severe radiation damage throughout: photographs have the faces singed out, there are burns on the keyboard of a computer and around a doorknob, and nearly everything in the bedroom, where the radiation count is highest, is burned and melted into scrap.

Matt finds a chemotherapy prescription belonging to Karen Sprague and issued by Dr. Fresco. He and Audrey travel to Karen's hospital, where they encounter Ted watching vigil at his dying wife's bedside. He readily admits to accidentally killing Dr. Fresco when they argued about Karen's prognosis, and only resists when Matt and Audrey try to take him away from his wife's bedside. He grabs a nurse and holds her hostage, and tells them that he doesn't know what will happen if they shoot him ... he might even explode. Matt uses his telepathic abilities to calm Ted by relaying messages from a comatose Karen. Ted releases the nurse, whose arm is covered in radiation burns. After a last reminiscence, Karen dies, and Ted agrees to go peaceably with Audrey for questioning.

Later, as he is being processed by the police, two small marks are apparent on his neck. They are identical to marks Matt discovers on his own neck.

Seven Minutes to Midnight

Ted gets upset and threatens Audrey and Matt.

Ted is sitting alone in an interrogation room when Matt Parkman and Audrey Hanson come in. Audrey gives Theodore a glass of water. Theodore complains that they won't let him go to his wife's funeral. Audrey tells him that they need him to answer a few more questions. She asks Ted how he's able to do what he does. Ted exclaims that nothing matters since he killed his wife. Matt glances at his radiation badge and notices it's turned red. Ted screams that he just wants to be left alone and doesn't know anything about any nuclear material. Matt tells him to relax, but Ted just gets angrier. He tells them out of frustration that if they want him to be the bad guy then he'll blow the place apart. He grabs the glass of water and it quickly begins boiling. Audrey threatens to shoot him and Ted tells her to just do it. Matt tries to calm Ted down by showing that he's not alone in having abnormal powers. He tells Ted they're just trying to understand what's going on and to relax. He manages to calm Ted down and tells him to take him back to when this all started.

Matt hears Ted think that he blacked out and when he woke up things just started dying. Remembering his own experiences, Matt asks him for how long he blacked out and whether he was drinking. He asks if when he woke up he had bruises on his arms. Ted shows them the mark on his neck and Matt shows the same marks on his own neck. Ted explains that he was in Kansas a few months back having sold a dialysis machine to a university hospital. He went to the hotel bar where he saw a couple from Wyoming, a few professors, and a student from Haiti. The next thing he knew he woke up in his car in Arizona two days after his abduction with cuts and bruises on him. Matt asks Ted if he feels sick at all or gets headaches and Ted admits he has headaches. Audrey asks Ted if there are any more dead bodies that they need to know about and Matt defends him, telling Audrey that it's not his fault. Matt tells Ted that he, too, blacked out and lost two days, and now he can't stop hearing people's thoughts. Matt offers a description of the Haitian man Ted saw at the bar and they confirm that they both saw the same man right before they blacked out. Agent Elisa Thayer comes in and several agents take Ted away. As he's being escorted out, Ted tells Matt to find the Haitian. Later, Ted escapes, burning a car in the process.

Graphic Novel:Wireless, Part 4

Hana Gitelman intercepts a transmission from TEDDYBEAR616.


Ted practices his abilities in a cabin in the Nevada desert. He deliberately induces radioactivity in one hand, and then the other.

Graphic Novel:How Do You Stop an Exploding Man?, Part 1

Ted remembers his blissful wedding, and then his wife's tragic development of cancer. He is taken into custody, but escapes by blowing up a transport car, killing several FBI agents. He retreats to a cabin in the Nevada desert. As TEDDIEBEAR616, he receives messages from WIRELESS, and subsequently meets Hana Gitelman. They share their knowledge of the people who lied to them and gave them marks on their necks. Their meeting is cut short when Ted is confronted by a large military force.

Graphic Novel:How Do You Stop an Exploding Man?, Part 2

The leader of the force covers Ted with liquid cement, but Ted escapes. He makes his way to Billings, MT in search of the man, and enters the Pharmatech Industrial Building. Ted faces a Pharmatech scientist armed with a hypo gun. Ted threatens the scientist, learns disturbing information about the hypo needle, and vengefully destroys the building.


Ted receives an IM from a user named "Wireless" on a laptop in his cabin. After confirming that he currently does not have an Internet connection, he sends a reply asking how this is possible. When he receives a schematic for a pneumatic syringe, Ted suggests that he and "Wireless" meet. A woman standing behind him introduces herself as Hana Gitelman and the two compare Marks.

Ted visits his wife's grave. He tells her that he misses her and that "they" are going to pay for what they did. He places some flowers down which quickly wilt away due to Ted's radiation. The grass all around Ted also wilts away. He tells her that she's not going to like what he has to do and so he has come to say goodbye. Matt meets Ted Sprague in a cemetery. Ted tells Matt that he has found out that the Marks on their necks are because they're being tracked. Ted tells Matt that he had his blood tested and that the isotope is in his blood and bets that it's in Matt's as well. Ted encourages Matt to join forces with Hana and him, telling him he can be a hero, and that they need his telepathic power to be successful.

Later, at the Bennets' home, Ted and Matt take the family hostage.

Graphic Novel:The Path of the Righteous

Ted and Hana meet Matt at Karen Sprague's grave. Hana feels Ted is too focused on revenge.

Company Man

Ted loses control when he gets shot.

Ted and Matt break into the Bennets' home to get information on what "the Company" has done to them. They are interrupted by the Bennet family returning home. Matt wants to leave but Ted insists that they confront them there and then. Ted threatens to get "very bright and very hot" unless Mr. Bennet gives them some answers. He wants to find a cure for what's happening to them and if there is no cure he'll kill everyone. After Mr. Bennet tries to pull a gun on them, Ted loses control and threatens to shoot Sandra. Matt shoots Claire instead (knowing that she will heal) preventing Ted from shooting Sandra.

Ted insists that he stay with the family while Matt and Mr. Bennet go to the paper company to get evidence of their abductions. While they are at the paper factory, Ted practices making fireballs, all the while intimidating his captives. He catches Claire trying to rescue her brother and mother. Ted figures out that Matt and Mr. Bennet have been secretly trying to trick him into not hurting anyone and confronts them when they return. Mr. Bennet gives him his medical file and explains that there is no cure and he has been giving off low level radiation even before he was abducted. Thompson arrives and shoots Ted in the shoulder. Ted completely loses control of his powers, falling to the ground and releasing waves of radiation that set fire to the house. Mr. Bennet tries to sedate Ted but cannot get close enough. Claire manages to get close enough to Ted and sedate him.

Later, Mr. Bennet and Thompson observe a restrained Ted in a secure cell.


With help from Mr. Bennet, Matt Parkman breaks Ted out of his cell at Primatech Paper. Mr. Bennet tells Ted through Matt that he is able to create an electromagnetic pulse. Ted's EMP knocks out the alarms in the building. Matt and Ted break Mr. Bennet out of his cell, and they all escape. They then go to the Burnt Toast Diner where they discuss how to bring down the Company. They need to go to New York in order to disable the unit that controls the Company's tracking system. Ted comments that "he's never been there".

Graphic Novel:String Theory

Ted's picture is part of Future Hiro's string web.

The Hard Part

Peter shows Claire his sketchbook, containing drawings of the explosion and a picture Claire confirms to be Ted. When Peter explains how he will blow up New York City like a nuclear bomb, Claire is reminded of Ted. Claire explains to Peter and Nathan what happened with Ted in Odessa. Later, Nathan tells Thompson about Ted and the impending explosion.

Ted, Mr. Bennet, and Matt stop at a used car lot to get a car to take them to New York. Ted defrosts and starts a car with his power and they leave. When the three of them arrive in New York, they run into Peter and Claire. Peter's hands start glowing with radiation. Ted asks Bennet what he's doing and he replies that he's absorbing his ability.


Ted dies at the hands of Sylar.

After being briefed on the predictions of a nuclear explosion destroying New York, Ted decides to go to Nebraska with Peter and Claire to avoid the risk of causing the explosion. Sylar, however, listens to their conversation and calls the FBI to inform them of Ted's location. Ted, Peter and Claire attempt to leave New York but are instead surrounded by FBI agents. He calls to Peter to run and is pushed to the ground, surprised that Audrey Hanson is the one to catch him. Ted pleads to be put in a concrete cell lined with lead, in order to protect everyone.

In transit, Sylar flips the armored vehicle holding Ted. He opens the back door and finds an upside-down Ted saying he has been injured. Sylar says he can help, and proceeds to "help" Ted with the pain.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

Peter and Claire are held up in traffic and discover the cause of the block is the scene of Ted's murder. Two agents wonder how something "like that" happened to Ted and a sad Audrey replies that do not want to know. Later, when Claire calls Noah to let them know that she and Peter are still in New York, she tells her father that Sylar killed Ted and took his ability.

Graphic Novel:The Death of Hana Gitelman, Part 1

Mr. Bennet, Matt and Ted meet with Hana to discuss taking down the Company's tracking systems. When Hana pulls a gun on the men, Ted threatens to melt the bullets, the gun and her, and tells Hana to listen to what Bennet has to say.

Graphic Novel:The Kill Squad, Part 3

Sean Fallon promises to tell Karen's brother, Joseph Gallagher, what happened to Ted and Karen.

Graphic Novel:The Natural Order of Things

Ted is remembered as a victim of Sylar's.

Theodore, as he appears in 1978

Tabula Rasa

When Sylar regains his memories, he remembers killing Ted.

Graphic Novel:Requiem for My Brother

Peter recalls memories with Nathan. He recalls the time in Kirby Plaza when he told Nathan that he took Ted's ability and that he can't control it.

Upon This Rock

Ted's name appears in Noah's files.


In Hiro's dream, Sylar counts off the people that he killed, mentioning Ted as one of them.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 3

In 1978, a young Ted is playing with Nathan Petrelli. Later, his mother states that Theodore is one of the two good things that came out of her time in Los Angeles, and that he will never hurt a fly.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 4

After Mindy causes the weather to drastically change, she passes out, and upon awakening, wishes to know what happened to Ted. Alfred Washburn tells Mindy that his wife made sure Ted was okay, and also that Angela Petrelli wished to know his condition as well.

Later, Angela states that both Mindy and Ted have gone off the grid and hadn't been seen since the blizzard of 1978.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 5

Quentin Frady creates a clue board that includes Ted's chart that was posted on

Assignment tracker photo

Heroes Evolutions

Hana's MySpace

In Hana's second MySpace post, "Destruction", Hana claims that her current mood is annoyed and that she did not mean for Ted and Matt's interaction with Noah to be destructive.

Assignment Tracker 2.0

Ted's Assignment Tracker 2.0 personal history includes information about the first time he was tracked and captured. It also discusses how his wife, Karen Sprague, succumbed to cancer, most likely due Ted's ability to emit radioactive particles. The file traces the death of Robert Fresco, his apprehension by Matt Parkman and Audrey Hanson, his capture by the Company in the Nevada desert, and his murder at the hands of Gabriel Gray. The file states that Ted was "a loner who carried around a lot of repressed anger at a world he believed wanted little to do with him."

For Ted Sprague's original Assignment Tracker 2.0 case file housed at, see file C003, and enter the password TSntz14b. For a linked facsimile of the file, including full text and images, see here.

A Hero's Quest

In Hiro's ninth blog post, "Memories of Maury", Hiro mentions that it seems as though the Company started tracking specials as a result of Ted and Mindy Sprague's disappearance.

Evolved Human Abilities

AT diagram Ted.jpg

Ted had the ability to emit radiation. He seemed to have some control over the intensity, but judging from the damage to his home and his accidental killing of Robert Fresco, his ability to control his power was severely limited, possibly more so when he was emotionally agitated.

According to his assignment tracker file at, Ted's control index was 12%. His data analysis shows his biological level at 45, cerebral at 55, elemental at 95, and temporal/spatial at 5.

Cranial imaging

Memorable Quotes

"I didn't mean to kill him. Dr. Fresco said there was nothing he could do to save her. I tried to convince him, you know? There must be something else that he could do. Anything. And we argued. And I lost control.

- Ted (to Audrey) (Nothing to Hide)

"If you're not back in an hour, just look for the mushroom cloud."

- Ted (to Matt and Mr. Bennet) (Company Man)

"You're gonna upset me. Do you know what happens when I get upset? I get very bright and very hot."

- Ted (to Mr. Bennet) (Company Man)

"Put the gun down and listen to the man... or else I'll melt that bullet, melt the gun, and melt you before you can even think of pulling the trigger!"

"You wanna test me?"

"Honestly? Yeah, I kinda do."

- Ted, Hana (The Death of Hana Gitelman, Part 2)

"Just when you thought plausible deniability would save your ass."

- Ted (to Noah) (Company Man)

"Why are you thinking in Japanese?!"

- Ted (to Noah) (Company Man)


  • Ted is based heavily on the engineer, a terrorist character from the 72-minute version of the original pilot. Both men have the same powers, and both men have wives they love very much who die of cancer, probably related to their own radiation powers.
  • According to Tim Kring, Ted's name, appearance, and explosive nature are all references to Theodore Kaczynski, better known as the Unabomber.
  • Ted has an unusual mark on his shoulder which is identical to Matt Parkman and Hana's.


  • Theodore Sprague lived at 93 Laramie Street, Los Angeles, CA, 90016.
  • According to his CODIS file, Ted was 5'10" tall, weighed 175 pounds and had brown eyes and hair. According to his case file (password: TSntz14b) at, Ted weighed 170 pounds. When he had his mug shot taken, he seemed to be 6 feet tall.
  • Ted's IRC username was TEDDIEBEAR616. He sent an email using the name TEDDYBEAR616.
  • Ted's IRC username TEDDIEBEAR616 could be a reference to his wife's nickname for him. Karen Sprague's dying thoughts reveal that she refers to Ted as "her teddy bear." (Nothing to Hide)
  • Ted's internet nickname was TEDDIEBEAR616. 616 is a reference to the Marvel universe 616. This is the main multiverse used in the comics. Show writers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite confirmed that 616 was a reference to Earth-616.
  • His first name, Theodore, comes via French from the Greek name Theodōros, composed of the elements theos (god – in Greek, θεός) + dōron (gift – in Greek, δώρον), meaning "gift of God".
  • His last name, Sprague, is an English surname meaning "alert" or "lively".
  • Ted has a tribal tattoo on his left arm.
  • Ted's mother, Mindy Sprague, could absorb energy. She averted a major radioactive/nuclear meltdown at TMI by absorbing radiation. Ted later developed the ability to emit radiation.

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