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Window claire 1.jpg
Claire jumps through yet another window.
Held by: Claire Bennet
Ability to: jump through windows to make scenes more *exciting*

Insultoperfenestra is the ability to jump through windows when the writers can't think of any other way of getting Claire out of awkward situations. It sometimes adds exciting drama and very good special effects. Oooh, original!


  • Claire Bennet is the first, and only character, to demonstrate this ability.
  • Adam Monroe demonstated this ability once but no-body is sure if he has it yet.


Claire has demonstrated this ability on a number of occasions, instead of staying and fighting or simply running away Claire will jump out of a window to demonstrate her ability. Unfortunately, as Claire is the only character who needs to demonstrate her ability every second to make herself feel special, she is the only character to have this ability. Adam Monroe used this ability while killing Kaito, yet he used it for his own gain and not to be special.

Memorable Quotes

"Haven't you heard? I'm the defensive player of the year."

*Jumps out of another window*

- Claire, ( to Knox and Flint) (It's Coming)


  • Claire has jumped out of windows on three occasions.
  • Insultoperfenestra is latin for leap through a window.