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Episode:It's Coming

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It's Coming
Season: Three
Episode number: 309
First aired: November 17, 2008
It's Coming.jpg
Written by: Tim Kring
Directed by: Greg Yaitanes
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Next episode: The Eclipse, Part 1
Heroes Interactive transcript
When the moon passes between the sun and the earth, strange fascination takes root in the heart and suddenly anything is possible. Its power is undeniable; its beauty, mesmerizing; its lure, biblical; its meaning, unknowable; and as quickly as it comes, it disappears, leaving us to dwell on our own insignificance in the face of God.


Story Development

Eclipse · Elephant man · Catalyst · Ability theft · Bowl-A-Rama · Sam's Comics



Outside of Usutu's hut, Hiro screams in agony as Arthur Petrelli holds Hiro's head. Ando lunges at Arthur, who telekinetically throws him away in midleap. Arthur informs Hiro he needed to clean up his mess, but notices a painting of an eclipse on the nearby rock wall. He goes to study it and Ando frees Hiro from Arthur's control. Ando tells Hiro to teleport him away, but Hiro doesn’t know what Ando’s talking about. As Arthur walks toward them, Hiro thinks of waffles. Ando forces him to close his eyes, and Hiro teleports them to a bowling alley in Tokyo, Japan. Hiro sees a chicken & waffles poster and follows a waiter to a nearby table. Hiro asks why Ando is so old, then looks at himself in a mirror and thinks he looks old as well. Ando asks him how old he thinks he is and Hiro says 10.

Back at Pinehearst, Sylar is watching repairmen fixing the windows when Arthur teleports to his side. Arthur comments that it’s hard to believe that Peter could have survived the fall. He takes Sylar down the hall and explains he can teach his son how to take powers without killing by harnessing his empathy. Arthur says he knows Sylar saved Peter, then escorts him into an exam room where Elle is chained to the floor. She recognizes Sylar and fires a lightning bolt at him, blasting him apart.

At Peter's apartment, Claire tells Peter that they need to leave but Peter says he’s going alone and he can protect himself even without his powers. He says he needs her to stay innocent. There’s a banging noise on the door and Claire tells Peter to run down the fire escape, saying she has a plan to hold them off. Knox and Flint barge in and Flint ignites his hand while Knox tries to feed on her fear without success. She leaps out the window, falling past Peter and landing in the alleyway several floors below. Peter gets down and the two of them run away. As they go, Peter notices a painting of the Earth splitting open on the alleyway wall. They go down into the sewers.

A grotesquely mutated test subject writhes in the Pinehearst lab.

Arthur visits Mohinder in the Pinehearst laboratory and Mohinder admits he’s wondering if it’s impossible to give people abilities without an adverse reaction. Arthur notices Mohinder monitoring an upcoming solar flare and admits he has a similar interest. Mohinder notes that a number of powers manifested during the last eclipse but dismisses it as a coincidence. Mohinder concludes that the formula is sound but there’s something missing: a necessary catalyst. Arthur tells him to keep looking but Mohinder explains that that the catalyst would have to be in a human host. Arthur realizes that Kaito Nakamura knew what it is, but didn’t hide it well enough. As he goes, the test subject inside, horribly mutated, writhes in pain.

Sylar falls to the floor, regenerating his injuries. Elle swears at him, saying he killed her father. Sylar says it wouldn’t do any good to apologize and she deserves vengeance. He stands up and tells her to blast him again and she does.

Matt and Daphne arrive at Primatech only to find it deserted. Matt sees Usutu ahead and follows him, only to find himself in Angela’s room and Usutu nowhere to be seen. Angela’s still in a coma and Matt uses his telepathy to read her mind. He gets a painful feedback and says he has to help her; Daphne says she'll go find a nurse.

At his office in Pinehearst, Arthur is studying files on Kaito and Claire when Daphne superspeeds in and tells him about Angela. He says his wife will be fine and she asks if they can keep Matt out of it. He tells her he can always send Daphne back where he found her, and she asks what he wants her to do. He says that if Matt tries to help Angela, that he'll be waiting.

In the sewers, Peter explains that the alleyway they were in is where she shoots him in the future. He warns her he’s trying to stop that future from coming true. He tells her to go home but she says it’s his fault for becoming her friend and her hero. She’s going to stay with him to return the favor. They hear someone coming and Claire sends Peter off while she goes toward Knox and Flint as they arrive. Knox addresses her by name and says that they came for her. Knox easily subdues her and Peter hears her cries.

In Tokyo, Hiro eats waffles as Ando tries to explain that Hiro’s 28. Hiro is happy to hear he doesn’t have to go to school any more and shoots spitballs at nearby girls. Ando tries to explain Hiro's power and tells him to try to use it. Hiro says it’s stupid, but concentrates, and time slows down momentarily. Hiro returns time to normal and is impressed, and tries again, totally freezing time. He aims the two girls shooting spitballs at each other the runs around the bowling alley playing pranks. Once he’s done, he restores time to normal and all of the pranks go off. Ando says they have a lot of work to do.

Sylar's flesh and clothes are destroyed as Elle's lightning rampages through his entire body.

Daphne returns to Matt as he tries to get inside Angela's head. Daphne asks if he can get hurt, and Matt admits he’s only done it once with his dad. He asks Daphne to stay there and watch him while he disappears into Angela’s head. He concentrates and sits back.

Elle continues to electrify Sylar, whose burns heal. Sylar tells her he didn’t want to kill Bob or anyone else. He insists he’s not going to let the urge force him to kill any more. Elle, unimpressed, hits him with another lightning bolt and he says he understands she needs to let it out. She continues to hit him with electricity until, exhausted, she finally begs him to kill her. He extends his hand to use his telekinetic abilities.

Nathan and Tracy arrive outside Pinehearst, and he remembers a cabin called Pinehearst where Arthur took Nathan and Peter fishing. Tracy says there may be a reason Arthur kept his existence secret, but Nathan says he has to know the truth and see his father if he’s alive. They go to Arthur’s office and meet him. Arthur asks him to come give him a hug and Nathan cautiously circles him. Arthur addresses Tracy by name and shakes hands with her. Nathan asks if Arthur knows what he did to the family and Arthur admits he should have told Nathan what Nathan's role was in all this. Arthur asks Tracy to step outside so he can talk alone with his son. Arthur explains that the events of Nathan’s last two weeks are part of his destiny and pats him on the shoulder. Nathan shrugs him off and says it’s the same garbage that Linderman spouted. Arthur says the destruction is already coming and he has the formula that will stop it. Arthur says that Nathan has always been the strong son and they can save the world together.

Sylar telekinetically breaks Elle’s chains and she tells him to take her power and kill her so the pain will stop. He says that her father made her a monster just like his mother made him a monster. He says she saved him, but Elle says she only saved him so they could use him as a lab rat. He forgives her and says that she needs to forgive herself. She considers what he’s said and realizes the pain is gone. He holds up his hand and generates electricity.

Peter confronts Knox and Flint and says they can let her go or they’ll die. He glances up at the ceiling where a gas pipe is leaking. Peter taunts Flint into releasing a ball of flame into the gas and Knox tries to stop him… too late. Claire runs away with Peter as the gas jet blows Knox and Flint back.

Elle and Sylar are sitting together and Elle admits nobody has ever done anything like that for her before. He explains that it’s human to be at war within and the trick is to figure out how to deal with it. She holds her hands up and they exchange a bolt of electricity, but he admits he doesn’t have it all figured out yet. She offers to show him a few tricks and he quickly becomes proficient. She moves closer to him to direct his aim and he thanks her, and she thanks him. Arthur is watching them on a monitor.

Inside Angela's mind, "Daphne" stabs Matt.

In Tokyo, Ando tries to explain to Hiro how to teleport. Hiro teleports away and appears behind Ando, then does it again. Ando says now he needs to teleport both of them and suggest they go to Charles Deveaux's rooftop or Odessa, Texas. Instead Hiro teleports them to a comic book store and starts going through the racks.

Nathan leaves Pinehearst, telling Tracy what Arthur told him. Tracy says that he’s a senator with a constituency relying on him. She tells him to snap out of it and they need to go to the Department of Justice, but Nathan notes that the last time he tried to go public, his brother came back from the future to shoot him. Nathan says he’s going to Primatech to check on his mother and flies off.

Tracy goes back into Arthur’s office and says she thinks they can help each other. She wants him to protect her and in return, she explains that he needs a public face since everyone believes he’s dead. Tracy says Nathan can be that face, but he’s on the fence, and she can push him over.

Daphne watches helplessly as Matt sees the visions that Angela experienced of Nathan, Peter, and Tracy dying. Matt finds himself in an empty Pinehearst room and looks down the hall to see Angela sitting in a chair, handcuffed to the arms. Angela tells Matt he shouldn’t have come and warns that Arthur is too dangerous. Matt tries to free the handcuffs without success and gets one door open. Daphne walks in and says she’s there to help him, and he hugs her. Then she stabs him in the chest. In the real world, Daphne listens as Matt says “Daphne don’t” and flinches in pain. She tries to get Matt to wake up and discovers blood on his abdomen.

As Daphne tries to wake Matt up, calling to him to bring her in there. She finds herself beside a wounded Matt in the hallway with Angela. She tells him that they have to go now, but Matt backs off defensively saying that she stabbed him. Daphne claims she came to help, but 'Daphne' tells Matt not to believe her. 'Daphne' was an illusion of Arthur, as he appears now in her place. Arthur tells Matt that a woman will betray you at every turn. He disagrees, but Arthur asks him how he would know where he there, she told him. Daphne starts to explain to Matt, that she did not realize how much she cared about him and that she loved him. He considers what she said and kisses her. As Angela and Arthur watches, Angela asks if Arthur remembers that they were once like that. The room changes behind them, now in Angela's office however still bound to her chair, she continues to persuade Arthur, saying that he still loves her and then tells him that he is going to let her go. Her cuffs fall off and Matt takes her and Daphne out of the coma, and discovers that his wound is gone.

Outside, Peter and Claire arrive looking for Angela. Peter sees Daphne and says that she can't be trusted. Matt violently attacks Peter, pushing against the wall, saying that he can't be trusted. Claire jumps in between them and Peter allows Matt to read his mind who realizes that it wasn't this Peter that shot him out to nowhere.

In Pinehearst, Mohinder is recording notes on the test subject and apologizes to the man. The subject begs for death and Mohinder gives him an injection.

Back in Japan, Hiro is reading Marvel comic books and notices an issue of 9th Wonders! with him on the cover. Hiro doesn’t believe it reveals the future, but Ando opens it and shows him first a picture of Arthur attacking him, then a picture of them in the comic book store having their discussion. Hiro finally believes him and they turn to the next page, which shows the eclipse and the words “It’s coming.”

Meanwhile at Primatech, Claire asks about her grandmother and Matt and Daphne show them Angela's hospital room. Peter goes into the room to see Angela and Nathan arrives. Angela tells them that Arthur has the formula and explains that she and Peter have seen the future. She says that there’s a third piece of the formula, a catalyst, and it’s hidden away in the blood of a human host. Kaito is the only one who knew the host, and he’s dead. Matt says all they need to do is make sure Arthur doesn’t find the host. Claire remembers when Sylar attacked her and said she was different from everyone else. She realizes that she is the catalyst.

Inside Arthur's office, Tracy, Knox, Sylar, Elle, and Flint arrive in Arthur's office as Arthur, in a precognitive trance, is drawing a sketch of the eclipse. Arthur finishes his drawing, looks up, and says: “It’s coming.”

It starts with light and ends with light. And in-between there is darkness. Nothing there is beyond hope, nothing that can be sworn impossible. Nothing left unimagined since Zeus, father of the Olympians, made night from midday - hiding the light of the shining sun - and raining dark fear down upon man.

Memorable Quotes

"Wait. Don't you know? I'm the defensive player of the year."

- Claire (to Flint and Knox)

"Yeah, last time I tried that my brother came back from the future and shot me...twice."

- Nathan, to Tracy, about going public again.

"She betrayed you Matt. Like Angela betrayed me."

- Arthur, to Matt, about Daphne and Angela

"I love you."

- Daphne (to Matt)

"We were once like that, Arthur. Remember. You loved me...and there's a part of you that still does."

- Angela

Character Appearances


  • Kristen Bell is credited as a Special Guest Star for this episode.
  • In an interview on Greg Beeman's blog, director Greg Yaitanes said that Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey provided inspiration for the sequence in which Matt has a telepathic dream. Additionally, action sequences in Blade II and Children of Men inspired the action scene in which Claire jumps out of Peter's apartment.
  • The Heroes eclipse logo generated a little electrical effect, signifying the previous scene where Elle blasts Gabriel.

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