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Duzac's Diner.jpg
The diner explodes with Niki in it :(
Held by: Isaac Mendez
Niki Sanders
Elle Bishop
Ability to: is the ability to die if you arr a good character.

Prototussplendenspopulusmorior is the ability to die if you are a good character.


  • Isaac has a very weak version of this ability.
  • Niki has the strongest version of this ability.
  • Elle has a very strong version of this ability.
  • Daphne has this ability.


Volume 1

Issac, all I'm gonna say.

Volume 2

Niki, I mean what was Kring thinking?

Volume 3

Elle, why would they do this.

Volume 4

Daphne, sad, a death was needed, but should have been Mohinder.

Memorable Quotes

"Why are you dead?" *Crying*

- Irony,to the T.V


  • Prototussplendenspopulusmorior is latin for all the good characters die.