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The Walkin Dude
Portrayed by Duncan Forbes
First appearance [1]
In-story stats
Known ability Pyrokinesis
Age 21
Date of birth 1987
Occupation Wanderer
Parent Unknown
Sibling Unknown

The Walkin Dude is an enigmatic individual who wanders the world with an unknown purpose. He is known to have the ability of pyrokinesis.


There are very few concrete facts about the Walkin Dude. It is known that he was born in 1987 in England, and spent his early years on his parents' farm. His powers are believed to have manifested in 2001, when he was 14. Whilst sleeping out in the barn, he somehow stated a fire which gutted the farm. Shortly after this incident, the Walkin Dude left home.

He has wandered the Earth since then, mainly staying in England, but also traveling through Scotland, Russia, Germany, Lithuania, Haiti, France, the Dominican Republic, New Zealand and the United States of America. Why he travel is unknown, as he is a very elusive character, often incinerating his campsites after he leaves them.



  • "The Walkin Dude" is also the nickname of the Stephen King character Randall Flagg.