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Stephen King
Author Stephen King, whose works are often paralleled in Heroes.

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There are several interesting parallels between Heroes and the works of Stephen King.



  • Mrs. Walker is telekinetically impaled to a wall by household utensils, just like Margaret White in the film version of Carrie. (Don't Look Back)
  • Claire, a popular girl, asks Zach, an unpopular boy, to be her date to the homecoming dance, in the same way that popular Tommy Ross asks unpopular Carrie White to the prom. (Homecoming)
  • Sylar kills his mother when she attacks him because of his power, similar to the climactic confrontation between Margaret White and her daughter Carrie. (The Hard Part)

The Shining

The Stand

  • Much of the world's population is wiped out by a deadly virus, just like what happens with "Captain Trips". (Out of Time)



The Green Mile

Bag of Bones

The Dark Tower


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