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I will avenge my brother
Portrayed by Chris R.
Nicknames WolfKing, C-Stat
Alias Chris King
Sex Male
Age 18
Date of birth September 23, 1991
Home Madison Heights, VA
Occupation Programmer
Favorite color Red and black
Favorite episode One of Us, One of Them
Favorite graphic novel The Sting of Injustice
Favorite Heroes actor Francis Capra
Favorite Heroes actress Hayden Panettiere
Favorite character Jesse Murphy
Least favorite character Bob Bishop
Favorite power Empathic mimicry

About Me

What's going on? My name is Chris, also known as WolfKing. I am a computer engineer, programmer, and ex-football player. I love playing football, lifting weights, listening to music, playing paintball, shooting pool, watching dvds, cruising around, and writing raps.

General Interests

I like women, cars, money, playing paintball, listening to music, playing football, watching movies, playing videogames, hanging out with friends, driving, and having a good time with other people.

I like all types of music including rap, R&B, hip-hop, country, reggae, rock, pop, metal, screamo, and alternative; I extremely dislike blue grass.

My favorite movies are Scarface, The Godfather, Dazed and Confused, Halloween, Saw, Scary Movie, Scream, The Covenant, Alpha Dog, and Freedom Writers.

My all time favorite show is Heroes; other shows include Criminal Minds, Rookie Blue, Grey's Anatomy, CSI, Law & Order, Without A Trace, Family Guy, and Flashpoint.

My favorite book is Beowulf.

Heroes Alternate Universe: Exodus

I am in the process of creating a non-canon alternate timeline that is based on Heroes. This series is in the beginning stages and continues the Heroes story at the end of Season 2, but in a different timeline. A lot of events that take place within Season 3 of the original timeline will still happen, albeit with slight variations in the turn of certain events. Many characters from the original timeline as well as characters from graphic novel series will make appearances in this series.

Heroes: Life Before Level 5

I am in the process of creating a non-canon tie in to the Heroes series titled Heroes: Life Before Level 5. It is based around the lives of a group of evolved humans that are being tracked down by The Company. Characters that will be appearing in this series are:

  • Henry Murphy - Born in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is the half-brother of Jesse, and son of Jess Murphy. He didn't know of his brother Jesse until one night at the Corinthian Casino during a game of poker. After a local gang banger tried to steal Henry and Jesse's poker chips, Henry accidentally used his ability to stone him to death. Seeing this, Jesse convinced Henry to follow in the same footsteps of his older brother and become his new partner in crime. However, what Henry and Jesse didn't realize was that someone witnessed the murder.
  • Abby Parker - Born in Los Angeles, California. Abby lived a carefree life of luxury until her father mysteriously passed away. After finding out her boyfriend Jay was sleeping with her mother, she accidentally had them kill themselves. She took off to Las Vegas where she witnessed another man with an ability murder a local gang banger.
  • Raul Hernandez - Born in Miami, Florida. Raul lived a practically normal life with his family until one day he and his brothers were attacked by a serial killer named Mario. While trying to defend himself against Mario's multiple attempts to stab him, Raul kicked him back. As he was falling back, Mario fell into Antonio and became absorbed into his body. Having full control over his body, Mario ran off and had his cousin pick him up and continue their killing spree. Raul took off after them to get his brother back.
  • Damarcus Tyree - Born in New York City, New York. He and his cousin Mario are a serial killing duo under Mario's command. After seeing the explosion above New York City, he started to notice that spikes were coming out of his back and arms. When his serial killer cousin Mario found out, he forced Marcus into helping him kill. When they were hitting up a target in Miami, Mario got placed into the body of Antonio Hernadez. As he and Mario took off, they soon realized that they were being closely followed by Antonio's brother.
  • Lyn-Ying Wang - Born in Odessa, Texas.
  • Leonardo Jones - Born in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
  • Chris King - Born in Madison Heights, Virginia. He is the twin brother of Corey King.
  • Corey King - Born in Madison Heights, Virginia. He is the twin brother of Chris King.

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