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Heroes Alternate Universe: Exodus
Alternate Universe

Heroes Alternate Universe: Exodus, abbreviated Heroes AU: Exodus, is a series based on Heroes, created by Chris R. also known as JMurphy34. This series is in the beginning stages and continues the Heroes story at the end of Season 2, but in a different timeline. A lot of events that take place within Season 3 of the original timeline will still happen, albeit with slight variations in the turn of certain events. Many characters from the original timeline as well as characters from graphic novel series will make apearences in this series.


Chapter One: Pandora's Box

Episode One Information Coming As Soon As Possible.

Memorable Quotes

"No wait, what are you doing?"

"Putting him somewhere safe."

"No wait! No!

- Jesse, Future Peter

Main Characters

Character Information

Alternate Universe: Exodus edit


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