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Daniel Linderman
Linderman in 1961.jpg
Portrayed by Casey Kringlen
First appearance Choices
In-story stats
Known ability Healing
Date of birth 1 May 1944
Home Denver, CO
Parents Mr Linderman,
Mrs Linderman

Daniel Linderman is an evolved human with the ability to heal any living thing with physical contact.

Character History


Daniel meets with Chandra Suresh after previously speaking with him on the phone. Dr Suresh tells him that he was unable to arrange transport for him so he's come to take him himself. Daniel is fine with this and the two set off.

Coyote Sands

Daniel and the others decide to sneak out of the compound. They rush back after seeing a weather report on the television. After seeing what has happened, Charles and Daniel argue about the limits of abilities. Daniel, along with the others, walks away from the camp as it is engulfed in flames.

Evolved Human Abilities

Daniel has the ability to heal any living thing with physical contact. Currently, the limits of this ability are unknown.