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Chandra Suresh
Chandra in 1961.jpg
Portrayed by Ravi Kapoor
First appearance Discoveries Pt.2
In-story stats
Known ability None
Occupations Geneticist, professor

Chandra Suresh is a genetics professor who studies the phenomenon of evolved humans.


In one of Angela's visions, Chandra meets with her and offers her a place at Coyote sands, a facility to study her ability, Angela accepts. After Angela awakens, Chandra is then heard knocking on the door. Chandra offers Charles the chance to come to Coyote Sands, which he refuses. Chandra meets with Angela Petrelli as per her dream. He discusses Coyote Sands with her and she is more than happy to agree to go. Chandra offers Bob the chance to come to Coyote Sands, he agrees and is given information by Chandra. Chandra comes to collect Daniel Linderman to take him to Coyote Sands. At Coyote Sands, Chandra attempts to conduct tests on Alice when her ability begins to manifests. Chandra strikes her in an attempt to stop her but Alice's father sees and uses his ability to repel him. The soldiers at the camp then begin killing all the evolved humans.


Volume 1: Beginnings

Chandra Suresh