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Charles Deveaux
Charles in 1961.jpg
Portrayed by Edwin Hodge
First appearance Control
In-story stats
Known ability Telepathy
Date of birth 8 September, 1936
Home New York, NY
Parents Mr Deveaux,
Mrs Deveaux

Charles Deveaux is an evolved human with the ability of Telepathy.

Character History


Charles' reminisces about the discovery of his ability. Charles' ability manifests itself while he is being attacked by a group of thugs. He accidentally uses his ability to kill his parents.


After speaking with Charles on the phone, Chandra Suresh comes to offer him a place at Coyote Sands. Charles refuses his offer and Chandra tells him that the offer is still there and that he will leave him the details.

Coyote Sands

Charles and the other boys come up with a plan to sneak out of the compound. Charles and the others rush back to Coyote Sands after watching a weather report on the television. Charles is shocked to see what has happened at the camp and asks Daniel if he can heal them, they both argue about the limits of abilities. Charles and the others walk away from the camp as it is engulfed in flames.


Charles and the others make their way back to the Cafe and meet Arthur Petrelli. Charles asks him who he is and what he's doing here. Arthur tells him that he came from the camp. Charles and the others arrive back at the cafe, he asks Angela where they're going to go from here. Angela tells the group that they will form a company. The group leave the cafe and head for the bus station.

New Town

Charles and Bobby head out to get some money for the group.

Evolved Human Abilities

Charles has the ability of telepathy. This allows him to manipulate peoples minds.