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User:Kyle Stevens/Empathy

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Kneeling Man.gif
Julien kneeling over in pain from his Empathy when it first manifested.
Held by: Julien Curtis, Jasmine Reider
Ability to: sense people's emotions and feel what they are feeling.


  • Julien can feel what people are feeling and help them.
  • None for Jasmine (from her perspective).


  • When someone is angry, it channels to him so he becomes extremely angry, too. It becomes even worse when someone is in love or lust.
  • Jasmine feels the results of the bar fights (in Underground Lines) and channels the agony and torture-like pain.


  • Anything in the Disadvantages section (for both Julien and Jasmine).


Julien had difficulty with Empathy when he manifested. For example, when he manifested at 17, Julien locked himself in his basement in an attempt to get away from people's emotions, that were over-whelming him. Julien has since learned to control his ability.