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Julien Curtis
Portrayed by Christopher Stringini (a.k.a. Richie Stringini)
First mentioned The Color Spectrum
In-story stats
Known ability Empathy
Formal name Julien Curtis
Aliases The Neutral Loner, Sensitive One
Nickname Jule
Age 19
Date of birth March 28, 1987
Place of birth Lyneboro, CT
Home Lyneboro, CT
Residence the Curtises' house
Occupation College Student and Parkour Expert
Parents John Curtis (father), Rose Swift (mother)
Other relatives Fredrick Swift (cousin), Catherine "Carrie" Swift (cousin), Tobias "Jack" Swift (cousin), Thomas Swift (uncle), Rebecca Lowne (aunt)


Julien Curtis was born March 28, 1987 to John Curtis and Rose Swift. He manifested his ability when he was 16. Julien found out that he was an Empath, a "special" person who can sense people's emotions. He had trouble with the emotions of other people, always locking himself in his basement to get away from people's emotions. After a while, Julien got control of his ability and started interacting with the outside world again.

Character History

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Evolved Human

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Memorable Quotes

"Hey, do you see that girl over there?"

"The brunette?"

"No, the blond. She is gorgeous!"

"That's my girlfriend, moron."

- Julien, Jack (about Claire) (My Brother, My Demonic Brother)

"I think I manifested."

"Manifested what? Some common sense?"

"No. My ability. It manifested."

- Julien, Carrie (2003)

"I think I'm an Empath."

"You always were the sensitive one. You could tell how everyone felt."

"What do you want?"

"$30. Cash."

"Ugh. Fine, here."

- Julien, Carrie (2003)



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